Rivington Pike

Rivington Pike

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체셔, UK포스팅 433건
A grand day out
2021년 11월 • 가족
Parked at the Pigeon Tower car park, walking up to the Pigeon Tower, then Rivington Pike Tower, then down to the bungalow remains, over the Lever 7 arch bridge then across to the Great Lawn & the Terrace Gardens. Then went back to the car & drove across to Rivington Reservoir car park, walking along the eastern edge of the reservoir to Liverpool Castle. Toilets are available at Great House & Rivington Reservoir car parks.

A decent free day out, but personally I wouldn’t bother with the Liverpool Castle folly. I expected a better view of the reservoir from there but there was too much tree cover. The remains of the bungalow & gardens are interesting & have you wondering what it would have been like during its pomp in Lever’s lifetime. The view from the top of the pike is good, especially on a clear day.
2021년 11월 13일 작성
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포스팅 22건
Excellent walking area
2021년 6월
Large area of countryside with a long walk to the top of the hill, a number of car parks dotted around at varying distances from the top. Recently restored formal gardens, follies etc.
2021년 8월 30일 작성
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Karen B
리버풀, UK포스팅 9건
Great walk, great views
2021년 7월
Fab walk from the car park to the top, can be very steep at times but worth the walk up! Lovely gardens along the way, my favourite being the Japanese Garden and the views from the top are stunning.
2021년 8월 15일 작성
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Simon Stones
볼턴, UK포스팅 1,065건
One of my favourite places
2021년 7월 • 개인
I love Rivington Pike - it is a great walk, and the views are simply spectacular. It can get busy, so pick your time to make the most of the stunning views. I went one evening (via Wilderswood), and it was pretty empty. Such a gorgeous place to sit down, reflect, and be thankful for the stunning world around us. On a clear night, you can see the peaks and the Irish Sea in one shot - incredible.
2021년 8월 13일 작성
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포스팅 3건
Picnic spot
2020년 8월
Good target destination for walkers and hikers, very steep climb, views across the valley below. Nice place to take a picnic.
2021년 7월 9일 작성
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Sara P
프레스턴, UK포스팅 63건
Amazing view!
2020년 7월
Beautiful day and a lovely walk to the pike from the car park. A popular place for a walk, all year round, dogs are welcome. Usually (depending on weather) there's an ice cream van, when you get back to the car park, for some much needed refreshment.
2021년 6월 9일 작성
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Clare C
샐퍼드, UK포스팅 388건
Amazing views, lovely gardens
2021년 5월
We enjoyed a lovely morning, walking round the gardens and walking up to Rivington Pike. The gardens were really interesting and there are information boards in each section you go in to. As well as the gardens (Japanese gardens, Italian lake, lodges, pigeon tower) we also walked up to Rivington pike. The views from here are amazing. We spent 3 hours walking (a lot of steps and paths). Worth it, was great.
2021년 5월 6일 작성
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Craig E
맨체스터, UK포스팅 1,727건
Great walk!!
2021년 3월 • 커플
A lovely walk in the country. The Japanese Gardens area was beautiful and the view from the tower at the top of the hill was stunning.
We did a 10 mile walk around the area and will definitely be back soon :)
2021년 4월 14일 작성
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steven b
올덤, UK포스팅 713건
Out with the dog..
2021년 3월 • 개인
This was a first for me,I've see this from the motorway on many occasions but never been,so why not.
I did have to travel a short distance,but i wasn't the only one,i managed to find a space & got myself ready to walk.
I found the track & headed up the hill towards the terrace gardens,wow what a place,it must have been special when first made.
I continued around the paths,another little gem around every corner,the day was a little bit overcast so not the greatest of views,i can imagine on a warm clear day it being very busy,i was here early,but still plenty of people around doing the same.
After working my way around the terraced areas i headed upto Rivington Pike it's self.
Make sure you have your comfy shoes,a bit of rough ground & lots of steps to climb,but once your up,it's like being on top of the world,as i said earlier, not the greatest of days,but on a clear day amazing views.
From there i headed for the next landmark, Winter hill, it doesn't look that far but remember you have to come back,boggy under foot in places & you can go little off track,but again great views.
Came back via the Pike & terrace gardens,lots of steps down,but that is the best bit,all down from up high.
My first time & won't be my last.
2021년 3월 23일 작성
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프레스턴, UK포스팅 248건
Love this walk!
2020년 12월 • 친구
This is one of my favourite walks. Long enough that you feel you’ve done a good walk, but doesn’t take up the whole day. Lots of different routes up and down which is nice. Love coming back down via the Japanese gardens. Really pretty. Worth a visit
2021년 1월 9일 작성
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