Brazos River Park
Brazos River Park
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텍사스포스팅 6,461건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2020년 8월 • 가족
We were just looking for a new place to go for a walk safely during Covid-times and my daughter chose this park.

Crazy because I somewhat knew about it, but we’d never been. I knew the city had developed an area for festivals along the Brazos.

We’ve been to Sugar Land Memorial Park, which is just up the road.

That evening we had started to go for a walk in our usual neighborhood, but that can get boring after repeat visits. We went up 6 and approached Oyster Creek Park, but the parking lot was pretty full. This was a hot Saturday evening in August.

We try to avoid crowds with Covid. Even with masks, it just makes me uncomfortable.

So we headed to Brazos River Park. The biggest drawback are the idiotic drivers when you take the Crabb River Road exit heading toward Richmond. People drive too fast! You have to do a turnaround under the freeway and then briefly go up like you are getting on 59 over the River and a quick turn to the right. This was what we had to do, since we were on the Sugar Land City side. I am not sure if there is another internal approach.

There is ample parking & we were relieved to see not many people and cars were sensibly spaced out.

The park is so nice and wide open. There were restroom facilities, which we did not approach bc of the virus.

We took a walk through open fields (with frisbee golf set ups) on nice wide sidewalks toward the Brazos River.

Some gorgeous old trees and wildflowers along the way. We could see trails in heavily wooded area along the River that we want to check out at some point. The signage said from dawn till dusk and we decided to pass because it was almost dark.

We were just so happy to get out and move around freely without the crowds we see at Memorial Park, Oyster Creek and Lost Creek Parks.

There is more walking across the way facing UofH campus and Smart Financial Center off in the distance. Very wide open, with wide walkways and people seemed to really be respecting everyone’s space with Covid.

I really wish the city would create more park space around and beyond the old Sugar Factory. We desperately need it.
2020년 8월 16일 작성
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Jennifer W
캔자스시티, 미주리포스팅 19건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2019년 3월 • 가족
My family and I really enjoyed our afternoon walking around this park. There are so many activities you can do at this Park from hiking to bike riding, camping and educational activities. We did a couple of mile long trails. We were able to see several gators, which it was a little scary walking by them on the path because they were only about 5 feet away! We had a fantastic time walking around this park, it is so beautiful. I do suggest making sure you bring some water to drink.
2019년 3월 24일 작성
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미주리시티, 텍사스포스팅 1,110건
풍선 5개 중 4.0
2019년 1월 • 커플
We only drove through this park but were impressed with the offerings of trails, nature, plenty of parking and a concert stage. It's located right off of Southwest Freeway near University of Houston Sugar Land.
2019년 2월 8일 작성
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슈거 랜드, 텍사스포스팅 46건
풍선 5개 중 5.0
2018년 10월 • 가족
Fantastic place for hiking and exploring. Beautiful trails and the opportunity to see alligators, native bird species, and woodland animals. Great for a family excursion and picnic.
2019년 1월 15일 작성
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