Jungle Golf

Jungle Golf, 버지니아 비치

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쿨페퍼, 버지니아포스팅 240건
2021년 7월
Nicely maintained, even if a bit pricey, mini golf course. About 1/3 of it in shade from trees and foliage, only saw 3 benches the entire course. Not overly difficult but for little kids a fun time.
2021년 7월 21일 작성
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바스, 뉴욕주포스팅 3건
2021년 6월 • 가족
This mini golf course is amazing! The landscaping is beautiful and they even have spin the wheel on many holes to make the game much more interesting. I highly recommend this golf course
2021년 6월 27일 작성
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Emerson, 뉴저지포스팅 362건
2021년 5월 • 가족
Perfectly fine for a family game of mini golf but nothing exciting or new. Holes are very basic , it does get a bit more fun as you spin a wheel at the start of each hole which sets some special rules such as play behind your back or hit it on one foot etc. nothing wrong with it and the price was good , you can play as much as you like once in. Next time it try somewhere else where the holes are more challenging and fun.
2021년 6월 6일 작성
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워싱턴 D.C., 컬럼비아 특별구포스팅 1건
2021년 5월
Took the family to this place for mini golf after a late dinner after seeing the awesome reviews. Showed up a little after 9pm, the parking attendant says “good news, you’ll be the last ones able to start a game tonight.” I thought this was a big blessing as this was my son’s first time mini golfing and it was a relief to know that we could let him have fun without holding anyone up behind us. We paid for our family and started the course. Not even 20 minutes into our game, they start shutting off the lights. It looked like they were shutting off the lights behind us, which was ok since we were through those holes. Another 10 minutes and they shut ALL the lights off without checking to see if there were still patrons on the course. My son fell and busted his chin because he couldn’t see where he was going. It wasn’t until we yelled that we were still out there that someone muttered “sorry” and begrudgingly turned a few lights back on (still not enough to adequately see around). We got done and we weren’t even off the property when they killed the lights again which made it hard to see our way back to our car. I could understand if they gave us a heads up that we needed to be out of there at a certain time (which we would have gladly honored), but there was no warning, no effort to keep guests safe and belligerence when we had the audacity to want to finish the game we payed to play. Hard pass on this place in the future. So rude!
2021년 5월 2일 작성
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케노바, 웨스트버지니아포스팅 483건
2021년 3월 • 커플
Wife and I decided last minute to go putt putt golf and came upon this place. It has an arcade room and golf. It seemed to be very poplar and had a constant crowd. Prices were a tad high for such a simple course though. They have very little challenges to this location and the statues of animals are common to other courses around the world. We did have fun though but won’t be rushing back. They did offer some spinning whee challenges on several holes to make it harder which is needed indeed. The greens were well maintain and look new which was nice.
2021년 3월 29일 작성
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Samantha Meany
포스팅 1건
2021년 3월
I had all of my cheerleaders in town for a competition and was looking for something fun to do. We finished our competition at 8 PM and usually Jungle Golf is not open at this time. I contacted the manager ahead of time and she made arrangements to stay open for us, stating "She wanted us to have a safe and fun experience" even though it would potentially mean losing revenue by having to stay open later with no other patrons coming in. This was excellent customer service and we appreciated this gesture immensely! Our athletes had a really fun time playing mini golf. I will always recommend Jungle Golf and I will come back any time I'm in the Virginia Beach area!
2021년 3월 15일 작성
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Erika F
포스팅 33건
2020년 8월
Every course is par 2. so not very difficult. Courses are close together but it wasn't crowded when we went due to COVID-19. Our 2 year old got to play for free and had a blast except at the last hole which was too difficult for her to hit up a ramp right at the start. Unlike some other mini-gold we played everything was well maintained
2020년 9월 6일 작성
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볼티모어, 메릴랜드포스팅 372건
2019년 10월
This is not a challenging course. But it is super well maintained and if you just want to kick-back and have fun; this should do you well.
2019년 10월 31일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

Gene K
솔즈베리, 노스캐롤라이나포스팅 1,101건
2019년 10월 • 커플
Not sure how it would be during the summer - could feel very crowded as people jammed the holes. Nice layout with the waterfall and ponds. Staff was friendly and helpful. And at times during the off-season you can pay for one round and play as many times as you want.
2019년 10월 3일 작성
이 리뷰는 트립어드바이저 LLC의 의견이 아닌 트립어드바이저 회원의 주관적인 의견입니다.

로어노크, 버지니아포스팅 23건
2019년 8월 • 가족
The course was okay but definitely too expensive. We paid over $80 for 6 adults and 2 kids, ages 2 and 5. We went around 8pm and it was so crowded you had to wait at least 10 mins between holes and you felt rushed because people were waiting so closely behind you. There is one hole that's not really safe because you have to walk across slippery rocks and there is water on both sides. It was okay but we will not return.
2019년 8월 18일 작성
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