We Can Tour That
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We Can Tour That
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Stamford, New York포스팅 4건
2017년 8월 • 가족
My family went to New York city for a quick weekend adventure. We decided we didn't want to do the typical touristy thing and found Cherie's tours.
We did a tour of the West village, starting at Washington Square Arch, and it was amazing. We saw things we never would have found on our own. She was knowledgeable and had some great historical facts and stories about the places we saw.
The shops we passed along the way were fun and the variety was great. I loved that she worked with us and our interests to set the pace.
It was the best afternoon in New York I could have asked for. I highly recommend this and I'm not sure any two tours would be the same, she was so accommodating and customized the tour just for us. Thank you!
2017년 9월 7일 작성
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Jean C
포스팅 2건
2017년 8월 • 개인
Having grown up on the west side of Manhaatan I was interested in seeing more of the east side. In particular I was interested in seeing the old German and Hungarian churches.

The tour was very interesting and our guide Jocelyn was very knowledgeable and engaging. It's great to be able to learn more about your own city and see parts of it that I had never explored before.

It was a great experience that I would highly recommend!
2017년 8월 14일 작성
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