Paras One33
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Madhulika L
노이다, 인도포스팅 6,211건
풍선 5개 중 3.0
2022년 12월
Paras One 33 Mall is located, as the name suggests, in Sector 133 of Noida, very close to Jaypee Hospital. This is a very new mall, and it is not yet fully functional. Most people park on the road adjacent to the mall, though there is basement parking. We parked in the basement; it is very rough, dark and dingy, with ongoing work blocking off parts of the area, and no parking attendants or security guards around.

Ongoing work is a feature throughout the mall. Most of the store areas are still undergoing interior design, most spaces are dark and unlit, there are very few people around. There are signs up for Barista and Gopala, both due to open stores here, and there are a handful of restaurants and stores open: a Haldiram’s, a Jawed Habib, a liquor store, a Reliance Trends, a Barbeque Nation (on the 2nd floor, and possibly the biggest draw to the mall), as well as a street food restaurant called The Hawking Street.

Don’t go here expecting a Mall of India. This is still too new and too raw; it will be at least a few months before it acquires more attractive brands. Basic facilities are there, but that’s about it.
2023년 2월 1일 작성
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