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포르투갈, Agualva

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마컴, 캐나다포스팅 279건
2022년 3월
We joined Azores Getaway Terceira Basic Bundle in March 2022 with an unbelievable price. Azores Getaway is very good as well as we have to cancel our package due to Omicorn and we get our money back in few weeks. We booked again as Omicorn is slightly better. Azores Getaway customer service is amazing.

We have 7 nights in Terceira Island and we decided not to get a car for our full stay as the island like quite small. Thanks to the TA forums, I booked Marko (Mark) Aguiar for 2 days tour. Mark also response promptly to all my questions which I do have a lot. He never failed to provide a response which is amazing.

Mark knows his island really well when he explains things and answers questions. He has tremendous knowledge about history, geography and people. He spent his first 6 years in Canada before he immigrated to Azores. His English is really good and he is super friendly.

Unfortunately weather is not very cooperatin as it rained the first few days and then the island is very foggy. Mark later on find out fog is caused by sand from Sahara desert. Mark is very nice to accommodate the weather by changing our tour from 2 days to 1 day due to rain.

I initially had a list of places I wanted to cover in 2 days. Mark is able to cover as much as he can in almost 10 hours day trip or show us the location so that we can go on our own when weather is better. There are some spots we would not be able to find if you were to do self drive trip. Mark took us to a lot of beautiful spots starting from our hotel towards East side and then go into interior part and loop around back to hotel. We now know that there are many natural swimming pools in Terceira.

We did agree to have a lunch which needs to be prebook which is highly recommended by Mark which serves amazing food. We had our best limpets in that restaurant. Mark also suggest another restaurant for us to try which serves very good Alcatra Fish dish.

We really enjoy have Mark as our guide and I highly recommended him. His services before and after the trip are amazing. I usually have a lot of questions and he answer all of me with great details. He continues to help me even after our tour end. Not to mention his rate is very reasonable. He can be contacted at +351 964 792 511 or by emailing
2022년 3월 31일 작성
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