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Kirkleatham Museum

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Liz P
리즈, UK포스팅 436건
Fascinating museum
2021년 8월
We saw an article about the re-opening of the Kirkleatham Garden so were actually going there but took a wrong turning and ended up in the car park of the hall. We are so glad we did as this little museum is a gem. The displays especially with regard to the steel industry are imaginative and revealing. The room on Gertrude Bell had a modern day resonance and the burial of the Saxon Princess fascinating. There is currently a display of modern tapestry which is a joy.
The cafe area is currently subject to major works.
The walled garden renovation is stylish and the coffee shop a good size. As we were there soon after everything had opened to the public, there were teething problems with service which was somewhat disorganised and resulted in a 25 minute wait for just a drink but as there seemed to be plenty of staff, this should now be resoved.
2021년 9월 9일 작성
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Carmel J
포스팅 2건
Museum visit
2021년 8월 • 가족
Loved the aviary birds and owls, saw a flying display with a Cuckaburra and vulture, very interesting,
2021년 9월 6일 작성
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Stretford, UK포스팅 26건
Lovely day out
2021년 9월 • 커플
Absolutely loved it, fabulous steel industry history (although some of the sound exhibits didn’t work). Unexpected history of Gertrude Bell that we only vaguely knew about. Wonderful Saxon princess exhibition with gorgeous jewellery and very well presented and explained history. The world war part was a bit odd, did t know why the bed was there and couldn’t find any reference to it. Really lovely day out, we were well impressed. Lovely helpful staff too.
2021년 9월 5일 작성
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스태퍼드셔(주), UK포스팅 4건
Compact museum but full of interest
2021년 9월 • 커플
Wasn't expecting to find so much information about Redcar here, really moving accounts😅 via poems by school children plus facts about the local impact of war. Makes you see how Redcar has suffered but hopefully it will rise again with venues like this and the walled garden.
2021년 9월 2일 작성
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doncaster포스팅 2,182건
2021년 8월
This is the first time we had visited the museum, and to start with were amazed that it was free entry!
Lots to see and do inside, including a lot of the history about The Saxon Princess, and as we are from Loftus we found this most interesting.
There was also a fine display of tapestries when we were there, which might I add was a delight to view.
2021년 9월 1일 작성
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Cherie K
노스 요크, UK포스팅 51건
Wonderful place filled with local history
2021년 8월
We called in yesterday after visiting the walled garden which is a short walk away. The museum is fabulous and currently has the must incredible display of textile art. This incredible place has sparked an interest now and we will be visiting many more museums in the future. Entry is free and it's a great way to spend an hour or two. We hope to have a walk around the grounds next time we visit.
2021년 8월 31일 작성
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north east포스팅 62건
Fabric of The North exhibiion
2021년 7월
Never been to this Museum before but went to see The British Tapestry Group exhibition 'Fabric of the North' and wasn't disappointed. It was quite simply stunning and so up lifting to see real pieces of tapestry weaving again after so many months of nothingness.
Being a Tapestry weaver myself I acknowledge I know just how much work and skill is involved in each and every piece but it was reading the artists statements and why and how they made their individual pieces which was inspiring. Being able to do something 'normal' again was brilliant.
The Museum itself as some really very interesting displays including one on Gertrude Bell and another on Saxon burial beds and wonderful artefacts. The are other activities and walks around in the grounds so well worth a visit.
2021년 7월 10일 작성
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Green Hammerton, UK포스팅 231건
Combine with a wander around Kirkleatham or wait until the walled garden is open
2020년 10월
I like and support local history museums but I just can't rave about this one, I'm afraid. The main problem is the shortage of artefacts. I visited primarily for the exhibition about Gertrude Bell but it just consisted of panels of information [most of which I knew from reading online] and three or four minor objects associated with her, eg her childhood stamp album.

There was more to read about Redcar's steel history but, again, not much to look at.

The museum does have some good artefacts: the jewelry of the Saxon princess unearthed in 2005. That's about it, though.

Far more interesting than the museum is the old village of Kirkleatham including the hospital, arch, stable block for the demolished hall, and mausoleum. Buy a booklet about it from the shop and have a wander like I did. The restoration of the walled garden sounds interesting too. I will return in the spring when it's now due to open.
2020년 11월 3일 작성
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Clare M
맨체스터, UK포스팅 366건
Half and half
2020년 9월 • 가족
The nusuem was clean with good safety measures in place,staff friendly,gift shop really good but apart from the anglo saxon princess bit there was nothing to interest young children.
2020년 9월 13일 작성
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리즈, UK포스팅 4,344건
Re-vamped children's playground
2020년 8월
On our way for a day out on Redcar beach with the grandchildren, we decided to visit the adventure playground in the park of the Museum for a picnic and play, and we are very glad we did, even though it was quite hard to maintain social distancing, but I am pleased to say everybody was very sensible and the kids had a great time playing on all the things available such as climbing frames, swings and swirly things.
The park is trying to create a maze at the top end of the car park which was also explored by the children. Yes all in all a very enjoyable stop over before our final destination of the beach. Well worth visiting whether you are visiting the museum or not, young children will really enjoy it here.
2020년 9월 13일 작성
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