Lady Bay

Lady Bay, 노만빌

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Bob D
애들레이드, 호주포스팅 58건
2021년 2월
Lunch was on the agenda and this place had been recommended by a couple of shop-owners in Normanville as well as some friends who had been here. We were not disappointed. The location is really nice with views across the golf-course towards the sea. You probably need binoculars to see the sea but the golf-course view is fair compensation! The menu and wine list is extensive. The food we had for lunch was top-notch. The coffee was up there too. I had a beer, Coopers Pale Ale, so I knew what to expect. It's one of my favorites. It came nice and cold in a chilled glass. We thoroughly enjoyed the food and beverages from the lunch menu whilst watching golfers practice on the green immediately below. Some were having more success that others but it was amusing to say the least. We will be returning next time down this way for a follow up.
2021년 2월 14일 작성
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Yvonne D
애들레이드, 호주포스팅 302건
2020년 6월
Walking on the beach is good in any weather when it is fine and the sand was so clean and dazzling in the sunshine.
2020년 8월 12일 작성
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남호주, 호주포스팅 319건
2019년 5월 • 커플
Such a lovely coastal town with great eateries, bakery, pub, fish n chips & the most amazing Chinese/Thai takeaway. We've enjoyed watching the golfers & the buggy's on hole #7 of the golf course ;)
2019년 5월 24일 작성
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애들레이드, 호주포스팅 5,675건
2019년 3월 • 커플
Along South Australian coastlines are some beautiful bays and locales that are “hidden” because they are not well sign-posted or just not known about. Lady Bay is just one of these. About five kilometres south of historic Normanville with the name given to a settlement of shacks built half a century ago.

Lady Bay is not a normal swimming beach as it mainly consists of rock reefs which enable snorkelling and is a fisherman’s delight – make sure you wear waders!

To get there drive to Normanville and turn left at the signage to go to Second Valley and Cape Jervois. Just after passing the Garnett Kelly Reserve on the left, look out for the road island that takes you off to the right on Lady Bay Road. The beach is just around a couple of bends. There is no vehicle access to the beach and the car parking is limited.

The views are stunning with virtually no other human activity to distract from relaxing in a great spot for a family day out with beautiful white sand and lots of rock pools to explore. Make sure you wear soft-soled shoes to protect your feet and the animals living in the rock pools.

There are a number of properties available in the Lady Bay commune that are able to be rented. A perfect spot, not that far from Normanville and Yankalilla for shopping for supplies.

Return? Most definitely – already have it marked to rent a property for a multi-night stay. I have a feeling the sunsets will be magic there!
2019년 3월 17일 작성
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