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Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo

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두명이서 트리플 베드를 받아 방이 넓었습니다. 작지만 온천이 있어 자주 이용했습니다. 비가 올 경우 우산을 빌릴 수 있습니다. 근처에 버스 정류장이 있고 가라스마 역 지하보도가 있어 기온까지 이동하기 편리했습니다.
미쯔이 가든 호텔 교토 신조의 フロント オフィス マネージャー 三井ガーデンホテル京都四条의 답변
2018년 6월 11일 답변 완료
Thank you for staying at Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo. We are delighted to find out that you have been satisfied with the room you stayed in. The triple bed room has 3 single beds and the room size is 22 sqm. We have other types of rooms including a Deluxe Double room with the size of 25 sqm with the bed size of 240x196cm. If you consider coming back to our hotel in the future, please check out this website for the details of rooms and for a great deal. As for the public bath, it is located on the ground floor and open from 3 in the afternoon to 1 after midnight, and also from 6 to 9 in the morning. Although it is not from a hot spring, it has a nice view of garden and with a large bathtub. It is definitely a great feeling to get soaked in a hot bath after long day of travel. There three massage chairs are placed, which our guests can use them for free. We hope it offers our guests a deep relaxing time. We are located just off the Shijo street. From the Shijo metro station, it takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes on foot. From the area of Kawaramachi, it takes about 20 to 25 minutes on foot. There is an underground passage between the Shijo station and Kawaramachi station. When it is hot outside, you can walk through there. Once again, we appreciate your valuable comment. We certainly hope we can welcome you back in near future. Front Office Manager
사월이 성수기 인가요? 두당 이틀에 사십만원 넘는데 방 엄청작고 ( 예전 스무살 돈없을때 묵은 도쿄 비지니스 호텔 생각남...) 목욕탕도 생각보다 작습니다. 있으니 좋긴 합니다. 장점은 한가운데에 위치하여 어디로든 이동하기 편함. 교토역도 두정거장으로 매우 가깝!
미쯔이 가든 호텔 교토 신조의 フロント オフィス マネージャー 三井ガーデンホテル京都四条의 답변
2018년 5월 6일 답변 완료
Thank you for staying at Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo. Please excuse us for writing back in English. We truly appreciate that you have taken your time to write a review of the hotel. In Kyoto, generally the value for hotels tends to rise in the time of the cherry blossoms, the traditional festivals, the autumnal leaves and New Year’s Eve. The month of April falls in as one of them. Thus it might have been difficult to meet your expectations in this aspect. With regard to our rooms, we have a Deluxe Twin room and a Deluxe Double room with space of 25sqm. If you are after something spacious, they are what we recommend. You would definitely enjoy its spaciousness. In a Deluxe Double room there is a coffee maker for you to enjoy as well. We are delighted to find out that you have been satisfied with our location. As you mentioned, we are located in the middle of Kyoto. The JR Kyoto station together with many tourist spots are easily accessible by bus or train from the stops near the hotel. Thank you again for your comment. We hope you have enjoyed exploring in Kyoto. We look forward to welcoming you back in the future. Front Office Manager
저렴하게 트윈룸으로 3박 예약을 했습니다. 다른 일본호텔들처럼 방과 화장실 크기는 작은 편이고 기본적인 어메니티들은 다 있습니다. 무료 물 2개도 매일 냉장고에 있었습니다. 비가 자주 오고 날씨가 습해서 침대도 좀 꿉꿉한 느낌이 있었으나 에어컨과 청정기로 조율하면 나아졌습니다. 대중탕은 작아서 다른 손님들이 씻고 나가면 그 자리에서 돌아가면서 씻었습니다. 근처에 패밀리마트 편의점과 프레스코 슈퍼가 있어서 간단하게 사먹기도 편리하고 시조오미야역까지 걸어서 6-7분 걸리고 지나다니는 버스도 많아서
남동생이랑 엄마랑 첫 일본 여행을 간사이 지역으로 갔는데 너무 좋았어요 비가 와서 힘도 들었지만 호텔에 있는 온천도 너무 좋았고 직원들도 다 친절해서 기분좋게 머물다가 왔습니다!!
교토의 복잡한 시내가 살짝 비켜난 곳에 있어 조용하고 좋아요. 버스 정류장 바로 앞인데 시내로 가는 웬만한 버스는 다 지나다니는 듯했어요. 트렁크 2개 펼쳐도 될 정도로 공간이 있고 깔끔하고. 근처에 간단한 식사를 할 수 있는 식당도 있어요. 편안한 집같은 호텔이였습니다
Have parking lot? What is the parking rate?
Thank you for your question. We have a parking lot for 13 cars. Unfortunately it is not possible to reserve. You are directed on the first come first served basis. Even when it is full, we can always tell you a nearest parking lot. For one night stay from 14:00 to 11:00, it costs 2000 JPY. We hope this answers your question. Front Office Manager
Are there restaurants with gluten free options nearby?
Thank you for your inquiry. There are some restaurants for gluten free around our hotel. For example "Mumokuteki", this restauran open from luch time to dinner time. "Yo-jiya" is famous shop in Kyoto. They also have gluten free foods. Then "Salute" has only organic food. We can help you more when you come to our hotel. Please feel free to ask us anytime. We are looking forward to seeing you.
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Do you have hair dryers in your rooms?
Thank you for your Inquiry. Yes, We do.
Do you cater for gluten free diet in the dining room / restaurant ?
Thank you for your inquiry. Our breakfast is buffet style so we have some gluten free for breakfast such as salad. We showing in there which food are usinf, so please check it or plese ask us anytime. Thank you. Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo Reception
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Does this hotel have room service for breakfast and dinner?
Thank you for your asking. I afraid we don't have room service. However, you are able to have breakfast and dinner at our restaurant. Our restaurant is open everyday from 6:30a.m. to 10:00a.m. and 5:30p.m. to 9:30p.m.
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US$80 - US$297 (스탠다드룸 평균 요금 기준)
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mitsui garden hotel kyoto
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