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Crystal Cove Beach Resort

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Cabin 14
One of the bedrooms
View from the porch of cabin 17
Cabin #36
Jacuzzi in the bedroom
All Cabin has a hot tub?
Most of the cabins have private hot tubs and the Rainforest cabins have 2 large shared hots tubs in the tree top gazebos.
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Hi , I was wondering how close cabin 24 is to the RV parking? We are trying to decide the best placed cabin either 6,12 or 24 ? Thanks
Cabin 12 is very private with view of tidal cove and has a loft for additional sleeping area. #6 would be along the main beach. Both with direct access to beach.#24 is farther away from beach and closer to RV site, I think is a 2 storey, but would be the only one with 2 bathrooms. Good if a lot of people. Hope that helps!
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Hi, Ok just to let you know we have never used anything but our own vehicle in the Tofino, Ucluelet long beach areas. There is a local bus service, sponsored in partnership with local Tofino resorts and the municipality with drop off points at the main beaches and resorts etc. Check it out online. My ten cents worth would be to rent a car at the airport, I believe there is a Budget car rental location there. This gives the most flexibility and gets you around at your schedule also down to Ucluelet at the south end of he peninsula ( around 40km away from Tofino) and access to the Wild Pacific Trail which is very much worth the drive. Not sure if you are Canadian or a visitor from elsewhere, but there is only one road into or out of town with a few side roads so they are not really busy by most standards even in summer. Parking in Tofino is a bit of a hassle during main summer season with different parking time limits within town, 1,2 or 4hrs on main streets but no restrictions on residential streets, parking is free in all locations however Check in at Crystal Cove is 4pm and Check out at 11am The office staff are very helpfull and am sure can help with trip bookings if you need it, however it is really easy to do this yourself in Tofino, it’s not a very big town, village really
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Dear Mike. I'm sorry but we are full for the summer. We do have availability in September if your dates are flexible. Thanks. J.J.
I'm looking for cabin accommodations for a couple august 8, 9, 10 and 11. Do you have availability?
We'd be happy to check on availability for you, please give our office a call at 1-877-725-4213 or visit our website. Regards, JJ Belanger General Manager Crystal Cove Beach Resort
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