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이비스 스타일스 룩셈부르크 센터 가레
Ibis Styles Luxembourg Centre Gare

30 Rue Joseph Junck, 룩셈부르크 시 룩셈부르크 지도 보기
편의 시설
무료 와이파이
조식 포함
금연 호텔
패밀리 룸
3성 숙박 시설
호텔 등급
시설 정보
호텔 시설
무료 초고속 인터넷(Wi-Fi)
조식 포함
금연 호텔
다국어 구사 가능 직원
반려동물 허용
휠체어 접근 가능
무료 주차
헬스장/피트니스 센터
수상 및 인지도
객실 유형
금연실, 패밀리 룸, 장애인 시설 구비 객실
호텔 등급
수상 및 인지도
객실 유형
금연실, 패밀리 룸, 장애인 시설 구비 객실
객실 수
US$89 - US$119 (스탠다드룸 평균 요금 기준)
예전 이름:
All Seasons Luxembourg Centre Gare
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Citadel of the Holy Spirit (Citadelle du St-Esprit)
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앨범 카테고리
모든 사진여행자 사진객실 및 스위트식사가족 및 놀이 공간비지니스 센터 및 이벤트 룸
This hotel states that it has an underground car park, but there are only a couple of photos on Tripadvisor that show it is small - has anyone parked their car in this car park and would you expect problems with a full size car, 5m long and 1.9m wide ? (6 series BMW). Many Thanks for any advice
With its very tight entrance, the access to the hotel garage is not simple for big cars which cannot either easily move once in the place. This is the reason why the hotel team always advise hotel guests to “visit” the car-park before entering so they can decide whether they can manage to drive their car in. If you are used to small underground car-parks, this will not be so much trouble for you as bigger cars than yours have already been parked in the hotel car-park. But there have also been drivers of smaller cars who have clearly met difficulties to drive out. Anyway, there are many public car-parks around the hotel (Fort Wedell, CFL or Plazza…) which are definitely much more accessible than the hotel one and as you cannot book a parking space, best is to check and decide once on spot.
Can I get Luxembourg Card from the Hotel? If not where can I get? Also please include the price. Hope to stay in your hotel on April 2017.
Unfortunately you cannot get the Luxembourg Card from the hotel but you can get one from the Luxembourg City Tourist Office located in the City centre (about 15 minutes walk). Prices are as follows: 1 Day 13 € 2 Days 20 € 3 Days 28 € We are looking forward to welcoming you in our place next month.
모든 답변 보기
We have two bikes that would need to be stored safely if we stayed at your hotel. Would this be possilbe? Laurie Gibson
Dear Ms Gibson, Yes, bikes can be stored in our underground car park located in the basement of the hotel without any charge. Access is restricted but we still recommend to attach them.
Is it possible do the check-in time between 1.00 a.m. and 2.00 a.m of the night? This because of the flight's arrival around 11.00 p.m.
Hello, The earliest check in time is 12 a clock. Then you can arrive whenever you like between 12 and 12 the day after. Kind regards Emmanuel
24-8-2015 I want to park my car for three days. Can someone advise me? Can you make an offer?
Dear Gerard, We have a garage and it costs 18.00€ per night, and it is very small. So we never book a place in advance because it depends on your car's size. That is the reason why when you will check in, we will show you the garage, and you will decide if you want to park your car or not. If our parking does not suit you, we will suggest several public parking situated around 200m away from the hotel. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information. Best regards, The Reception Team / Lorraine
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