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Chesil Vista Holiday Park

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View of Portland at night
View taken from Portland looking back at Chesil
View of Portland
View from our caravan
How far is Weymouth by foot from here and what accommodation would I need to book to be away from noise i.e. Entertainment venue or roads, as last year in the Lake District the caravan was fantastic, brand new but right opposite the entertainment which meant noise pollution til midnight, not good when you want to sleep! Looking to book for next Easter, thankyou
Hello Nicky, Weymouth town is accessible by foot via the Rodwell Trail which is a beautiful scenic route that'll take you past Sandsfoot castle. This is a pathway designed for foot or bike. If you're wanting to be away from the facilities then may I recommend staying in our Rio or Avonmore accommodations as quite a few of these are situated in the Yellow section which is away from the road as well as the facilities. Why not give our park team a call on 01305 773233 who will happily help! Many Thanks, Maisie
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Pub grub Are there any pubs that do decent grub nearby ?
Hello! We have a fantastic diner on the park with a great menu for all ages. Int he area there is the Crab House Cafe, Billy Winters an a little further to Portland The Boat that Rocks. I hope this helps Kindest Regards Tracey
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Can locals access indoor area for kids? If so how much is this?
Thank you for your enquiry, our facilities are for our guests and owners only Kind Regards Tracey
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Is there a beach nearby..?? Is there a bus service ..??
HI Jeannie Thank you for getting in touch, yes we have a beautiful small sandy cove called Smallmouth which is located just over a five minute walk from the park. The famous Pebble Chesil Beach is about a 15-20 minute walk or you can drive and park at the Chesil Visitor Centre. The No.1 bus service runs into Weymouth every ten mins and drops you off on the seafront. If I can assist any more please do get in touch or call me at the park Kindest Regards Tracey
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Is wifi available in the caravans..??
Hi you are able to purchase wifi for your caravan, it is £5.00 for five days or £10.00 for 7 days. The wifi is for one device only and limited to one gbite per day. There is complimentary WIFI in our venue. Kindest Regards Tracey -Chesil Vista
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US$70 - US$228 (스탠다드룸 평균 요금 기준)
다음의 이름으로도 알려져 있습니다
chesil family holiday park hotel weymouth
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