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Port Douglas Retreat

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포트 더글라스 리트리트의 Manager PDRetreat의 답변
2017년 9월 10일 답변 완료
You wanted to check out one day early when you checked in - it had nothing to do with us or the property, you hadn't even seen the apartment. You told us you wanted to leave early when you were completing the registration form. You booked 3 nights and on arrival told us you wanted only 2 nights. You said you wanted to go to Cairns on Sunday as you thought there were more things to do there. We refunded the difference in costs with no penalty (during high season) to help you. All the photos and apartment / property facilities on the booking site you used, explained everything the property has. You booked accordingly because of price and facilities on offer. Room with sink is totally incorrect, maybe you didn't see the kitchen. If you require daily room service for the 2 days then a full service hotel might be more suitable rather than self service holiday apartment.
8월에 3일 밤을 묵었는데 가장 적합한 커플들 마십시오. 수영장에서 수영할 수 있는 사랑스러운 조용한 위치, 자리에 앉아 휴식을 취하고 휴가를 즐긴다. 바베큐 지역 과 주변 지역은 충분한 좌석 을 보았다. 방은 깔끔하고 단정하고 - 그러나 많은 벤치 공간에 작은 부엌이 있습니다. 가벼운 식사 및 테이블과 의자도 갖춰져 있는 요리에 발코니. 지하 주차장에 있는 밤에 잠길 수 있는 것.
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Hi, is they any wardrobes in the room? Thanks
Yes, there was a wardrobe but we didn't use it because we just had summer clothes.
모든 답변 보기
Good afternoon, I have been trying to find a photo of any of the bathrooms, but have not been able to find one. Can you please post a photo or two of the bathrooms. We have a booking for later this year, and just curious as to what the bathrooms are like. Thank you
I did not have any bathroom photos, but it was a good size and very clean.
모든 답변 보기
I have a few questions on Port Douglas Retreat if anyone will be so kind 1...is it near enough to town and beach to walk? And shops? 2...Does the pool have a few sun loungers and is it big enough to spend the day if having a lazy day! 3.... Are the kitchen facilities enough to cook a basic meal? (Save on costs) Thinks that's all. Thanks in advance
Port Douglas retreat is very close to the shopping and eating areas in Port Douglas. You can walk everywhere, 5 min walk to beach and same to shops. The pool area is lovely with plenty of sun loungers, 2 bbq, 2 tables and chairs to eat your meal and also a fridge to put your beer or wine in. Clean toilets by the pool also so you don't have to run up to your room. The managers are very obliging without being intrusive. The kitchen facilities are basic, toaster, saucepans, frying pan, hot plate, microwave and fridge, sink but very small work bench area. We are ex Port Douglas residents who stay here when we visit each year. We stay here because of the position and also the price is reasonable. If we don't eat out we usually cook meat on the bbq and take salad down to pool area and eat there. Visit the "Tin Shed" for sunset views and meals at reasonable prices and the surf club for lovely lunch or dinner by the beach. Try the tempura prawn roll there. You will have a fabulous time.
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How is the parking?
We could not get a park on the premises, but no trouble getting a park outside. When you book, ask for a park at that time. A little inconvenient, but the accommodation is reasonably priced and off the main street.
We booked from Mon11th May for 11 days..friends recommend Pool View room. Can I request by email or do I have to wait until we arrive?..and..is there an extra charge?...and..how much? regards Mr&Mrs R A Robinson
US$64 - US$123 (스탠다드룸 평균 요금 기준)
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port douglas retreat hotel port douglas
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