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Victoria Lodge Motor Inn

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Executive Suite
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Executive Suite
Вид отеля с улицы
Вид номера
one of the bedrooms
nice lies trying to cover up the fact that we requested the police to be called as I had already spoken to them earlier on the phone about it. Also you have no idea what the female police officer said to me outside she completely agreed you were out of line and wouldn't recommend staying with you again. We didn't follow you around and he didn't apologise when he was in the apartment nor did he shout out housekeeping like you tried to add on later to cover yourselves, or the fact that you provided a do not disturb sign, what an outright lie. The fact that you've added on these lies proves that even you know you were in the wrong otherwise why bother to say you shouted out housekeeping? In the initial recording you admit you just knocked and walked in. We didn't follow you around either, my partner approached you outside our unit again after he got back and found out what happened, which we have on video. We then were not satisfied with the response so about half an hour later we approached the office with our children, where we continued to ask if this was normal practice and that we would be contacting the police, you then offered to call them for us and we agreed that would be best to get them down there. We also have that on video and never used any form of harassment (all on video and in front of our kids) actually it's the man who came storming out into the office to yell at us more for having a problem with the situation. Cops even think your a bunch of weirdos walking into people's rooms like that. You've obviously sought out advice on the proper practice of walking in and that's why your now saying you will shout out housekeeping and give do not disturb signs, which is good cause that shows you know you were in the wrong and have now changed the way you will do this in the future so no more young women have to be walked in on by an old man when they think they have privacy in a unit they have paid to stay at. Will continue to spread word of mouth that your motel was a terrible place to stay and I'm well within my rights to do so because it was a terrible stay. Also recording the conversation is legal so good luck with trying to do anything about that it's quite embarrassing and your claims of our harassment are laughable after seeing the way we were speaking in a normal manner in the video and your responses are just yelling and admitting you've walked in on numerous people sleeping over the years. How humiliating for your business. I'll be sure to tag you when I post it online so you can see for yourselves.
And it was recorded for precisely this reason. All your doing is making up a whole bunch of lies to try and salvage yourselves here and the way you treated us. Especially by trying to say you couldn't stop us harassing you until you called the police? Oh my goodness I am so glad I have it all on video where I stated I wanted the police there not you lol. Want me to post it on your facebook page?
US$82 - US$124 (스탠다드룸 평균 요금 기준)
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victoria hotel portland
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