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Galley Bay Resort & Spa

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갤리 베이 리조트의 Guest Relations Manager GuestAmbassador02의 답변
2017년 8월 9일 답변 완료
Dear Valued Guest, Thank you for choosing Galley Bay Resort for your destination vacation! We are delighted to know that our Gauguin Suites provided you and your loved one with the perfect setting for your relaxing island holiday. Your wonderful compliments in regards to our dutiful and attentive staff, our excellent restaurants and cuisine, as well as our thrilling excursions are truly cherished. It was most certainly a pleasure to have you stay with us, and we can't wait to welcome your return for an unforgettable anniversary celebration! Best regards, Galley Bay Resort & Spa, Antigua Staff & Management
갤리 베이 가 1 주일 에 6 월 말. 음식, 음료, 비치 수영장, 그리고 여행은 기대 이상이었습니다. Sean 캡틴 의 스노클링 여행을 추천 합니다. 방은 깨끗하고, 해변 앞 전망도 훌륭했다. 조용하고 편안하고 저녁 식사 후 라이브 공연이 있다. 우리는 또 가 머무를겁니다!
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우리는 5일 밤을 보낸 것 였다. 우리는 두 개의 섬이 제일 마음에 든 사파리 여행. 이 외에도 연중에 리조트 - 정말 그 를 떠나지 않는다. 바지 부분이 있는지 확인 및 저녁 식사와 멋진 시간.
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갤리 베이 리조트의 Guest Relations Manager GuestAmbassador02의 답변
2017년 8월 2일 답변 완료
Dear Valued Guest, Thank you very much for taking the time to review your visit to Galley Bay Resort! We were delighted to hear that your stay exceeded your expectations and was such a terrific experience for you and your loved one. On behalf of our entire team, we thank you very much for your time and consideration. It was a pleasure to share our beautiful resort with you, and we certainly hope grant us the opportunity to share another unforgettable holiday together in the near future! Best regards, Galley Bay Resort & Spa, Antigua Staff & Management
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View from the beach
View from patio
When we opened the doors onto the beach from our beautiful room/ bungalow, this is what we were greeting by.
The duck is real and dropped by almost every day around 4PM. They did not want us to feed the duck, so please don't.
트립어드바이저에서만 제공되는 전문가 사진갤리 베이 리조트
The Gauguin Suite at the Galley Bay Resort & Spa
We stayed on the right side (78), an upper suite. Would have preferred a ground floor room, but both have advantages and disadvantages. I would suggest staying on the left side of the resort as that side gets more late afternoon sun. The hill hides the sun pretty early on the right side. I did not see the inside of any other room so cannot comment on size or quality, but I image that the rooms are very nice. It would depend on how much time you plan on staying in your room. If you plan to spend more time inside than out, then the deluxe room would be a better choice.
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Taxi was $20 + tip on the way there. We had to leave at 4:30am to catch a 7am flight and when we got to the airport the cab driver said $30 for early bird pickup. I didnt argue. I didnt see anybody tip at the resort.
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Yes, I can assure you that all the food and drinks are inclusive unless you choose to eat at Ismay's restaurant. This is a special occasion place where you do need to pay a supplement. Gaugain's, The Barefoot Grill and The Seagrape are fully inclusive and the variety is wonderful in my opinion. Its the best value for money holiday I've ever had anywhere. If you book boat trips out then obviously, there is an additional cost to this, but food and drink will be included whilst you're out on the water. I hope this helps. Marilyn
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They take USD, however if you need change it may be in EC
Hello fellow traveller! 19 nights isn't too long in my opinion. In fact, we have friends who are there right now and they've been there since long before Christmas and I think they have a couple more weeks left. There's the sea to swim in, poolside sunbeds to sit in if you get fed up of the sand, and a wonderful spa treatment area where you can have a variety of treatments. You can go for wonderful boat trips and there is plenty of other things such as canoeing and snorkelling. There are three beautiful restaurants which are open all of the year and a truly unique 'Barefoot Grill' which is casual eating right on the beach. To call it fast food wouldn't be accurate because it is so different and delicious. All freshly prepared. The resort is massive and gated, so it is safe as well as brilliantly equipped. I found driving a bit hairy, so chose to stay inside the gates for most of the time, but you can get a taxi into St Johns shopping centre if you want to explore a bit. It will take about 30 to 40 minutes. And if you like music, ask the resort manager about Shirley Heights on a Sunday evening because that's a chance to listen to real Caribbean music and see the most amazing sunsets ever. Having said that, there's live entertainment most nights at Galley Bay. This place has real class, so every detail for guest happiness is thought about. As for the mosquito nets, you don't need them. The doors have an inner and an outer layer. If you want to sleep with the door open, the there's a door you can pull across which has fine mesh across it. This lets the air in and the mosquitos out! There's air conditioning as well if you choose. I hope this is helpful to you. All the best Marilyn
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US$588 - US$1,040 (스탠다드룸 평균 요금 기준)
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galley bay hotel st. john`sgalley bay antiguagalley bay st johnsantigua galley bay
카리브해앤티가바부다앤티가Saint John ParishFive Islands Village
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