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Hotel Mrak

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좋은 위치, 가격 대비 훌륭함. 직원들은 친절하고 손님을 늘 만족스럽습니다. 나는 앞으로 5e 나중에 다시 갈 수, 류블랴나 추천한다.
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프리 므라쿠 호텔의 General Manager Nina K의 답변
2018년 7월 28일 답변 완료
Dear cstear492713, First of all, we do thank you for sharing your recent experience at the Mrak Hotel Ljubljana through Tripadvisor. We are always Happy to read comments like your as They are telling us that we are on the right was; Let me personally thank you for taking the time to leave this special feedback regarding our Hotel Mrak. We are always pleased to read that our guests had a pleasant experience with us, and we are happy that you liked our staff, services and location. Beside that we have also renovated our first floor rooms and Lobby/Reception Bar as promissed; We will continue with works in low season; In addition to that, for us is fundamental to be guest’s friendly, therefore we are constantly working on improvements and our Front desk team is at disposal for suggestions. Thank you also for your marvelous comment about our staff, which I'll immediately inform. Thank you for notice that we are working on several improvements, but we are always keeping the Hotel clean and Breakfast buffet rich and fresh and our staff is always there for you. Let me take this opportunity to thank you once again in the hope to welcome you back very soon at Hotel Mrak on a future occasion. Best regards, Nina Kuharič, Hotel Manager
좋은 위치. 좋은 가격. 주차장은 호텔 앞에(부분)또는 코너에 유료 주차장이 많이. 자정에 늦게 도착했는데, 아침 식사 후 왼쪽.
방은 크고(트윈 침대 2) 깨끗하고 쾌적한 않습니다. 거리, 시끄럽지 차를 얻을 수 있는 마주보고, 사람들이), 내게 괜찮았다.
샤워 수압도 강하고 있었으면 더 샴푸, 바디워시.
체크인과 체크 아웃 모든 수동 서류, 여권, 긴 친절했다. 키는 실제 키, 키 카드.
아침 식사는 작은 공간에 제공되지만 모든 바로 조리된 매우 맛있었어요.
프리 므라쿠 호텔의 General Manager Nina K의 답변
2018년 7월 28일 답변 완료
Dear annuler, Allow me to thank you for your useful feedback. We are glad that you found beautiful our property: Ljubljana is filled with heritage and The Hotel Mrak all that is amazing about the city but in the same time offering nice location. Your feed-back holds great significance to us, both the positive part about the hotel with its incomparable elegance but also the criticism concerning your perception about the breakfast room: it will serve as a stimulus to heighten its quality when we will renovating this rooms as we did renovate Lobby. We look forward to Welcome you back soon. Nina Kuharič, Hotel Manager
이 호텔은 좋은 위치, 친절한 직원, 맛있는 아침 식사 및 시원했습니다! 직원들은 매우 친절하고 공손하며, 영어. 체크인 카운터에 대한 Refeshing 물(레몬 또는 나물을 함께), 한 때 한 갈증을 풀.
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프리 므라쿠 호텔의 General Manager Nina K의 답변
2018년 7월 2일 답변 완료
Dear lenpakright,
강 식당과 술집도 아침 식사는 가까운 좋은 위치에 있고 다양한 제공됩니다. 친절한 직원. 객실은 편안하고 좋은 깨끗한 욕실.
이 호텔과의 제휴로 수집된 리뷰
프리 므라쿠 호텔의 General Manager Nina K의 답변
2018년 7월 2일 답변 완료
Dear swilli625531,
넓고 깨끗하고 침대도 좋았고, 매우 만족했습니다. 현대적인 디자인. 다양한 훌륭한 조식. 홈 빵과 잼 맛있는. 훌륭한 위치 - 중심부에 위치하고 있습니다. 꼭 돌아갑니다.
이 호텔과의 제휴로 수집된 리뷰
프리 므라쿠 호텔의 General Manager Nina K의 답변
2018년 7월 2일 답변 완료
Dear scolos615212,
앨범 카테고리
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Guest room
Where can I park my car? Is there a parking lot nearby?
Yes, there is a large paid parking close to the hotel (less than five minutes by feet).
What is the best way to get from Marco Polo airport to your hotel?
There is a direct coach service provided by Flixbus. We used it for our return from Ljubljana to Venice Mestre as we were returning to the city. Check their website for schedules and fares Enjoy your trip Tricia
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Do you have air conditioner in the rooms? Thank you.
yes, our room had air conditioning
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Hello - 3 questions please: 1) Do you have an elevator at the hotel? 2) We will be doing some bicycle touring around Slovenia, using your hotel as a base. We will be transporting our bicycles on the airplane (flying from Canada) in bicycle cases. Would we be able to arrange an airport shuttle that is big enough for the 2 of us and our 2 bicycles in bicycle cases (e.g., a van)? 3) While we are staying with you, is there somewhere (e.g., a storage room) where we could store our bicycle cases? Thank you!
Dear Brad Thank you for your questions.We are happy to assist you. Hotel Mrak it is a Family owned hotel since this May.We are located in the city centre but there is still a possibility to reach us by car. We do have a elevator in the hotel and a beautiful garden with the oldest wine tree in Ljubljana where you can storage your bikes. Please let us know when you are arriving so that we can arrange a transfer from the airport for you and bikes. Wish you a Happy 2017 and looking forward to Welcome you in the hotel Nina Kuharic Hotel Manager with the team
Can I get oxygen delivered there? Hvala! Mrs. Maria Power
Is it linked to health issues? Yes absolutley. Kind Regards, Nina Kuharic Hotel Manager
US$77 - US$161 (스탠다드룸 평균 요금 기준)
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pri mraku guesthouse hotel ljubljanapri mraku hotelpri mraku ljubljana
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Pri Mraku Guesthouse
슬로베니아Upper Carniola Region류블랴나
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