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Hotel Clover Asoke

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Hotel Clover Asoke의 Front Office Manager cl0ver16의 답변
2017년 5월 10일 답변 완료
Dear youngshinc, Thank you for your wonderful comments of Hotel Clover Asoke. I am delighted to read that you had a pleasant experience at our property and that you were pleased with our breakfast, hotel facilities and the fantastic location. I will definitely share with my team the good feedback from you which will encourage us to continue the way we look after our valued guests. youngshinc, many thanks for staying with us, and we look forward to welcoming you back soon. Safe travels ahead and kind regards, Pornweerin Simram Front Office Manager
아속역에서 고가 타고 익스체인지 타워로 가셔서 나오시면 세븐일레븐 있고 바로 그 옆에 있어요. 호텔은 깨끗 친절 위치 좋구요. 앞에 노점상도 있어서 이것저것 사먹기 좋아요. 익스체인지 타워에 부츠도 있고 세븐일레븐도 있고 스타벅스도 있고 오다가다 이용 했네요. 그리고 작은 수영장이 별로지만 전 어차피 수영 못 해서 의미없구요. 밤에 수영장 바 가서 칵테일에 야경보고 이것저것 밥도 먹었는데 대체로 맛있었어요. 가격도 안비싸고... 저녁 디너세트가 1인 400밧 이었나 그랬구요. 메뉴 코스로
Hotel Clover Asoke의 Front Office Manager cl0ver16의 답변
2017년 2월 21일 답변 완료
Dear 선옥 임, Thank you for taking your time to review us wonderful comments on TripAdvisor! We appreciate your valuable feedback, and we are so glad to hear you had pleasant experiences with us. We do hope to have an opportunity to better your experience with us whenever your travels bring you back to Bangkok city. Safe travels ahead and kind regards, Sincerely yours, Pornweerin Simram (Ms) Front Office Manager
직원들의 친구같은친절함이있어요. 룸컨디션청좋고 청소도깨끗하게 해주고요, 드라이기가 참좋았어요 금방말라요ㅎㅎ 신식호텔이다보니 침구도 뽀쏭했습니다. 바로옆에 세븐일레븐이있어서 참편리하고 역도 걸어서5분거리이고 대로변에위치해서 여자분들이 밤늦게다녀도.괜찮겠다 라고생각이듭니다.
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내가 돌아 오는 손님이라는 것을 알아 차렸을 때, 나는 일찍 체크인 할 수 있었다. 직원들은 도시 전망이있는 꼭대기 층의 방으로 나를 업그레이드했다. 나중에 무료 과일 접시가 방 냉장고에 나타났습니다. Hotel Clover Asoke를 다른 호텔과 차별화하는 서비스에 주목하십시오. 그들의 호텔 레스토랑은 꽤 좋습니다. 아침 식사는 아시아와 서양 요리를 제공합니다. 그들은 맛있는 잘 제시된 특별한 199 바트 일본식 점심 식사도 제공했습니다. 위치와 편리함을 고려하면 아속 / 수 쿰빗
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The Standard at the Hotel Clover Asoke
트립어드바이저에서만 제공되는 전문가 사진Hotel Clover Asoke
The Lady Floor at the Hotel Clover Asoke
트립어드바이저에서만 제공되는 전문가 사진Hotel Clover Asoke
The Executive at the Hotel Clover Asoke
Is late check out available? at 1:00AM
Hi eunsaeml2, You could notify reservation team directly to hotel reservation team at the time of reservation, which they would normally keep room until you arrival. BR
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Sorry we were out after breakfast every morning sight seeing so never used the pool during daytime.
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Hello , is the hotel guest friendly ? There are any charges ?
Don't know but guess likely not.
Hi Xi'an I believe you should email the hotel directly as you to check the availability of the room & ask them directly. I have stayed there many times and found them to be very fair & reasonable, you can check & possibly negotiate for a half day rate but all will be subject to availability. Good luck & Merry Christmas...Cheers John
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Hotel information (that should already be here on TripAdvisor but is not ) Google the name of the hotel in order to find their info because TripAdvisor will not allow me to put it here. Update: After finding this info and emailing the hotel, they promptly responded and said in most cases they will allow early check-in if there is availability in the hotel, however, it is Christmas and they are apparently pretty full, so I just booked the night before arrival and when I arrive I can just have a nice breakfast and not worry about anything.
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US$76 - US$129 (스탠다드룸 평균 요금 기준)
타이방콕수쿰윗클롱 떠이
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