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Canyon Villa Bed and Breakfast Inn of Sedona

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등급: 61/100
141음식점(10km 내)
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5 별이 너무 쉽게 주어 졌다고 생각하면, Canyon Villa는 5 점과 그 이상을 얻습니다. 그것은 넓은 객실, 좋은 음식과 절대적으로 멋진 전망과 멋진 여관이야. 이러한 모든 속성은 따뜻하고 놀랍도록 도움이되는 소유자 인 Les and Peg 및 훌륭한 직원이 쉽게 일치시킵니다. 캐년 빌라가 Select Registry에 열거 된 데는 그럴만한 이유가 있습니다. 그것은받은 모든 칭찬을받을 자격이! !
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모든 사진여행자 사진객실 및 스위트수영장 및 해변식사가족 및 놀이 공간비지니스 센터 및 이벤트 룸
sunset in Sedona
double rainbow sunset photgraphed from room
view from street
View from Golden Poppy room on first floor
our view from Mariposa Room
what are the breakfast hours ?
I believe the staff will accommodate the breakfast based on the time your request. I do not think they set a specific time but believe it was between 8:30 and 10
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Is it possible to get Pink Jeep Tours from your location or do you offer private tours?
Thanks for your interest. Normally you would check-in for your PInk Jeep tour at their headquarters in uptown Sedona. However, on occasion they have agreed to pick guests up here at the Canyon Villa. This depends upon their schedule and customer load for a given day. We also have a private tour guide whom we highly recommend for riding and/or hiking tours of the back roads and trails. Either way, we are more than happy to assist you with these arrangements.
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Is there air conditioning?
Yes, the building is air conditioned. Each room has its own controls!
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How far is the Inn from the downtown/shopping/restaurant area and is it walkable (we like to walk!)? Thanks
As owner of Canyon Villa Inn, I hope these comments are helpful to you. Canyon Villa was built in a scenic southern section of Sedona to give guests spectacular views and hiking access to the famous Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. Our property is on the very northern edge of the Village of Oak Creek on the Coconino National Forest as our back yerd with no buildings between us and these rock formations. However. regarding shopping and restaurants, there are still multiple shops, coffee houses, and fine restaurants in this area that one can walk to. A more concentrated and dense tourist shopping area, referred to locally as "Uptown", is roughly about an 8 minute drive north from Canyon Villa via the beautiful St Rt 179, a designated as National Scenic Byway. Street and lot parking is available in the the Uptown and other commercial areas of Sedona for guests wishing to spend time shopping there, Les, Owner\Innkeeper
Are there any rooms with a kitchenette. My sister has a VERY specific diet.
Although none of our guest rooms have kitchenettes we will do our best to accommodate your dietary needs for breakfast and appetizers by our trained cook from our commercial kitchen. please let us know if you have additional questions! Thanks for your interest in Canyon Villa Inn
US$229 - US$391 (스탠다드룸 평균 요금 기준)
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canyon villa bed and breakfast inn of sedona hotel sedonacanyon villa b&b inn of sedona
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