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The Garland

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59어느 정도 걸어갈 만 함
등급: 59/100
72음식점(1km 내)
2음식점(1km 내)
4222 Vineland Avenue, 로스앤젤레스, CA
이름/주소 (현지 언어)
밥 호프 공항6 km
로스앤젤레스 국제공항23 km
Universal City/Studio City12
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홀리데이 인 앳 유니버셜스튜디오 할리우드의 Manager Darin M의 답변
2018년 2월 6일 답변 완료
Dear Olittad, Thank you for choosing to stay with us over the holidays. We appreciate you sharing your feedback from your stay, as we are continually trying to improve our service to cater to our guests needs. We are pleased to read we will have an opportunity in the future to demonstrate we listen and care about our guests' comments. See you soon!
유니버셜 근처라 가족단위가 여행객들이 있는데 시설이 깔끔하고 괜찮습니다. 셔틀버스도 운행하고 자주 다녀서 편합니다.
홀리데이 인 앳 유니버셜스튜디오 할리우드의 Manager Daniel M의 답변
2017년 11월 25일 답변 완료
Thank you for staying with us and for taking the time to write a review. We are glad you enjoyed the hotel and our location and we look forward to welcoming you back in a near future. Safe travels!
엘에이가 가격이 비싸면서 안좋은 호텔 많은데 여긴 유니버셜스튜디오 근처라 주변에 편의시설도 많고 셔틀서비스도 해줘서 편안했습니다 대신 늦게까지 소음은 좀 있었어요
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정말 멋있고 현대적으로 장식된 객실을 보고 놀랐고, 흐트러짐 없이 깨끗했다. 다시 여기에 머물고 싶다. 구내에도 좋은 편의 시설이 많이 있었다. 해피아워 시간에 디코이에 갔는데 나중에 계산서를 받고 놀랐다. :) 스튜디오 시티까지 데려다 주었기 때문에 위치도 편리했고, 근처에 상점과, 먹을 곳, 편의점, 주유소도 많이 있었다. 즐거웠다!!
홀리데이 인 앳 유니버셜스튜디오 할리우드의 General Manager Scott M의 답변
2013년 6월 10일 답변 완료
Bbsfolife: We are thrilled our property exceeded your expectations and that you will "definitely stay here again!" Thanks for the review!
Are you asking if they will store you baggage for you? If yes, then yes they will. They give you a ticket to claim when you're ready to leave. Very friendly service.
Why can’t I find this hotel inthe IHG list?
Not sure why you cant find it. The hotel is still owned and run by the Garland family. I think it was sold to a chain when Beverly passed away but is now back in the family's hands great place to stay if your a studios nut.
Is there a laundry in the hotel?
Dear Carol B, Thank you for your inquiry. We are delighted to inform you we have a laundry room onsite that is open 24 hours with your room key. It is $3 for a wash and $3 for a dry cycle; we also include detergent and a coin machine for your convenience. The hotel also offers same day dry cleaning. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
모든 답변 보기
Dear Craig M, Thank you for choosing to stay at The Garland. We look forward to welcoming you in LA. As for as your questions, there a quite a few options to getting to and from LAX airport. Should you not want to deal with navigating an airport, our concierge can help assist with booking a private sedan or SUV, depending on size of your party. Also there are they mobile phone apps, like Uber or Lyft. Another option is taking a shared ride service like SuperShuttle, which similar to the mobile apps you do not need to prebook leaving the airport. In regards to Santa Monica, the most economic way to get there is by public subway transportation, the Metro. Our hotel trolley takes guests to and from the hotel to Universal Studios; it also makes a quick stop at the nearest metro station for those guests that want to explore LA.
모든 답변 보기
Does the hotel have an airport shuttle?
Dear Carol B, Thank you for the inquiry. Unfortunately, the hotel does not provide shuttle service from the airport to the hotel. Our trolley is exclusively a roundtrip from the hotel to Universal Studios with a stop at the red line Universal City metro station. Please feel free to contact us directly so our concierge can provide you a best options for you to get to and from the hotel. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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"수영장이 가까우면 들락거리기 좋아요."
US$220 - US$364 (스탠다드룸 평균 요금 기준)
다음의 이름으로도 알려져 있습니다
beverly garland`s holiday hotel los angelesholiday inn beverly garlandsholiday inn los angeleslos angeles holiday inn
예전 이름:
Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn
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