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Tenuta di Ricavo

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테누타 디 리캐이보의 Proprietario Christina L의 답변
2018년 10월 13일 답변 완료
Dear Guest, we really thank you for your review and we are glad you have enjoyed our Hotel and the Restaurant as well. We hope to have you here again as our guest. Best regards,
Tenuta di Ricavo는 부드러운 언덕, 포도원 및 올리브 나무로 둘러싸인 키안티의 카스텔 리나 (Castellina)에서 북쪽으로 중세에있는 작은 마을입니다. 거기에서 라다 (Radda)와 가이올 (Gaiole)과 같은 피토레스트 (pittoresque) 마을, 아름다운 성 및 유명한 포도주를 발견하거나 중세 도시인 시에나 (Siena), 콜레 디 발 디 엘사 (Colle di Val d' Elsa) 및 산 기미 그 나노 (San Gimignano)를 방문하십시오. 작은 마을의 석조
테누타 디 리캐이보의 Proprietario Christina L의 답변
2018년 10월 11일 답변 완료
Dear Guest, we really thank you fot this wonderful review and all words spent to describe our Tenuta. You have captured the soul of this place and we are grateful for that. We hope to have you here again soon. Best regards,
우리는 이곳에서 이틀 밤을 보냈는데. 아주 괜찮은 고급 호텔이 아름다운 전경을 볼 수 있어. 참 좋은 레스토랑이 호텔에서 멋진 수영장이 있습니다. 환상적인 호텔이고 로맨틱한 산 과 꼭 방문 시 숙박 키안티.
이 놀라운 호텔은 우리의 두 번째 방문한 키안티 언덕 에서 설정할 수 있습니다. 아름다운 방 테라스 - 쉴 곳을 보기에 완벽한 장소, 조용하고 평화롭고 특별한 분위기가 아 할 수 있습니다. 멋진 음식 - 최고의 휴가 - 그리고 직원들이 손님을 소중한 고객으로 리캐이보 아주 아주 멋진 숙소. 수영장이 있는 보통 두가지 의미 한 자신을 - 다만 수영을 즐기는 풍경 - 놀라운. 때 가 ' 명소 ' 와 아주 가까워, 시에나, 플로랑스 와 san 지메 아노. 우리는 우리의 다음 여행을 계획하고 싶지
2일 밤을 보냈고 좋은 시간에 거였어요. 가족이 소유하고 운영하는 환상적인 레스토랑은 훌륭한 서비스! 방문 할 때 좋은 곳인 키안티 클라시코 울리 가져온다더군요. 근처의 마을, castellina, 이 어 볼 만하다.
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Our Junior Suite
We will not have a car. Is there public transportation. We are day hikers.
Dear Linda, thanks for your message. The Hotel is in the countryside, 5 km away from the nearest village of Castellina in Chianti. From the main road to the Tenuta, there is 1.2 km of unpaved road, so called "strada bianca". Personally, we don't recommend to walk from the main road to the village because cars goes fast on that part despite the road is narrow and curvy. So, if you want to explore the area, we recommend to rent a car or if you want to explore the area around walking in the wood, to rent a private driver to get here. In case, we can help with this. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Best regards - reception
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Hi, Is it necessary to have a car? Is public transportation readily available?
Buonasera, Thank you for contacting us. As to your question. Please consider that our hotel is 4kms out of town, beautifully situated in the idyllic country sides. Unfortunately however there is no shuttle service or public transport to and from the hotel. Therefore, yes, it is very recommendable to arrive by car and have a car available during your stay. A car gives you the independence to go also to places, which are not easy to reach or have limited access and to arrive and depart whenever you please. A car versus a motorbike is safer on our windy Chianti roads plus it keeps you dry should it rain! Hope to have been able to answer your question. Kind regards Christina Lobrano-Scotoni
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Do you have air conditioning?
Dear Jennifer Buongiorno from Tenuta di Ricavo! Yes we do have airconditioning in all bedrooms and all public indoor areas. Though, as stated by above by Ian Travel, we are located in the hills and so the acutual hot months are usually July and August. If you travel in April, May and October you will more likely need central heating, which we supply as well. Please do not hesitate to get back to us with any further questions, we look foreward to hearing from you. Kind regards from lovely Tuscany Christina Lobrano-Scotoni
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Hello. Do the rooms have hairdryers, tea-making facilities and toiletries please?
It did not have hair dryers or irons. They could lend one upon request. They did provide toiletries. And could do your laundry if you needed them to for an additional charge.
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availability of 2 beds in a room
Yes it is possible to have two beds separate in one room but it is very important to request this in advance to ensure you are set up and will enjoy greatly as Tenuta di Ricavo always is upgrading and aims to ensure customers are extremely pleased. There are also two bedrooms with a hall and shared bathroom which is also very nice but whatever you desired be sure to communicate.
US$98 - US$189 (스탠다드룸 평균 요금 기준)
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