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Windows: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. Mac: Safari.
76 Mountain Rd, 엡솜, NH
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I booked this Getaway trip as a surprise weekend trip for my husband's birthday. He is pretty outdoorsy and I am...not haha This seemed like a great compromise. When we were arrived, my husband was blown away by the house and the set-up and I loved all the cozy amenities (heavenly bed, heat/AC, hot water, super clean, etc.). We cooked dinner over the campfire and the provided grilling grate and tools were super handy. I cooked breakfast both mornings and found everything I needed (though I'd recommend bringing cooking spray). The fridge was the perfect size for our food and there was a handy cubby for everything we didn't need out. I didn't want to leave the house pretty much at all as it was so cozy, but we did venture out. The Epsom Town Forest is a short walk away and the Neville Peak loop is a tough, but not too challenging, trail that gets you a great view. The Blasty Bough Brewery was a quick drive (we weren't walking after hiking haha) and had great brews and food. The houses were an easy drive from Boston (1.5 hours without traffic, 2 hours because it's Boston). I was sad to leave and we're already talking about coming back up, maybe in the winter (it's not far from Pat's Peak for skiing!). Also, I reached out to customer service twice and they are so incredibly nice and responsive. I can't sing Getaway's praises high enough.
I am not sure there are really proper words to express the level of excellence provided from the Getaway team from the communication with the the staff via the fun text messages you get to the actual stay. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave the attention to detail throughout the entire experience was without a doubt creative/inspiring, well thought out, incredibly designed, and executed flawlessly. The road map/directions provided in the "how too" book in our cabin that can be used to get from a place of disconnection from everyday life to a place of re-connection with your inner self was written with intimate care for every and any guest that choose the Getaway experience. My greatest suggestion to any and all that have not experienced the Getaway Expedience is GET ON IT and take that ride to the place of Peace and Serenity it provides. It will change your life and give you the tools to maintain all that you gain. Thank you from the deepest places of my heart and soul for a great experience. Chef Jonathan
We had an amazing Getaway in New Hampshire, a short drive from Boston (but we actually did the long drive from New York) and really enjoyed going "off the grid" and disconnecting from our emails and phones. The cabin is absolutely amazing - we loved how tiny it was, yet fit everything we needed. We did some morning yoga, cooked ourselves dinner and ate by the campfire, roasted marshmallows, and even woke up to snowfall... which looked amazing out that giant window by the bed! I fully recommend Getaway and I can't wait to do it again!
First, I'll say that I love to camp and my husband does not even like to camp. We both loved this property and getaway! The trailer/unit was impeccably clean, immensely welcoming and extremely comfortable. (I hate calling it a trailer; it's so much nicer!) We are creatures of comfort and when we go away we tend to stay in pretty nice hotels ... this was no disappointment! It was big enough, plush enough, all while paring it down to the essentials, and still we felt pampered! The area is lovely, so pretty, all we could see out our windows was beautiful forest. We saw the glow of one other camp fire, and saw two cars and a couple walking. That's it. We went in March: there was snow on the ground, but the fire wood provided kept us warm outside for at least two hours, maybe even three. From the books on the bookshelf, the playing cards, the little book of "Things to do" and even the "What now?" when we were leaving. Getaway House nailed it! They have perfected the art of the unplugged getaway. I had enough service to send bragging pictures to our kids, and then we really unplugged. We had packed food for the weekend, but forgot it. To our surprise, there was a Hannaford about 8 miles away -- but we felt we were in another world, but still so close to "civilization" -- Highly, highly recommended!!! Oh, one more thing. We were texted the entrance code and told we could contact people should we have questions or whatever through the text. We did have a couple of questions and did text, and the response was almost immediate. We didn't have to wait for answers and they were most accommodating.
Driving home after a night at Getaway Boston, I felt so relaxed that it almost felt like I had just had a massage. I wIll definitely go back, despite a couple of quirks. But if you take the advice below, you will have a smooth experience. First of all, the modern RVs are set in what seems to be an old campsite. There are somewhere between 20-30 of them. They are spaced apart and angled so you do see your neighbors a little but they don't really bother you. There are sections where the roads make a loop where they are closer together, but other areas where they are farther apart. I don't think they give you the option when you book to indicate your preferred location. But even with the ones in the loop, it's not that bad. I think most people are couples, so it is pretty quiet. Lots of people with dogs, so you see them walking on the road, but again, it stays pretty quiet. The scene out the windows, especially the large picture one by the bed, is just lovely. It is wonderful to wake up feeling like you are surrounded by the forest. If you want privacy, all the windows have roller blinds, but we never felt the need to lower them. Regarding the cabins, ours was SPOTLESS! Very clean and comfortable. And the bed was heavenly. We slept hard! There is a decent sized stainless steel walled shower (that we didn't use so I can't comment on the water pressure) but it looked totally clean. The toilet is this interesting foil thing which is odd, but not bad, to use. No smell whatsoever. The kitchen is serviceable with 2 electric burners, wooden spoons, silverware, mugs, bowls, salt/sugar/oil, plates, kettle, and a frying pan and a pot for boiling water. You CANNOT use the cookware on the fire outside. If you want to cook on the camp fire outside, they give you a grate and bbq aluminum foil. I highly recommend bringing bbq tools like tongs and a cast iron skillet if you want to do serious cooking out there. We brought these extendable marshmallow sticks for making smores and it helped. They do give you some short sticks in a little package with a Hershey's bar, marshmallows, and graham crackers. We have at&t and had almost too much service up there. I had 2 bars and it made it a bit hard to digitally detox, but that is no fault of Getaway. They give you a little box to put your phone in, a deck of cards, a book about card games, other books, and a little book with some games and other activities in it. They give you a Bark Box if you have a dog, with several quality toys, eco poop pick up bags, and 3 bags of very high quality treats. They also have a long cable attached to the front steps so you can tether your dog outside and let them roam in a limited way. We didn't go on any hikes as the ground was quite icy (even though there was no snow in Boston). I guess an hour and a half makes a big difference in terms of climate. But they did give info on several local areas to hike and we will do that next time. Also, be warned if you have a fancy car, the roads are dirt and rutted in places. My car did fine, but I wouldn't drive a little sports car around there. Overall it was wonderful, and bringing a couple extra cooking implements will make it even better.
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