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U Paasha Seminyak

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24시간 체크인, 체크인한시간으로부터 24시간 스테이라는 생소한 시스템을 채택. 조금일찍가니 예약한 조건의 방이 안났다고 하고, 투어갔다 돌아오니, 지금 방이 없다고하고.. 이러지도 저러지도 못하고 땀쩔어서 로비에서 한참기다리다 들어감 위 경험 빼고는 모두 괜찮음 방도 크고 깨끗하며, 위치도 좋고 옥상 수영장도 크고 경치도 좋음 특히 조식이 훌륭히 맛있습니다. 추천합니다
객식 만족, 다른 후기에서 보았던 하수구냄새는 없었습니다. 넓어서 좋았고, 단지 샤워 및 화장실 시설만 리모델링하면 성급이 올라갈듯 합니다. 위치도 좋았고 만족했습니다. 다음에 다시 이용할의사있습니다.
우파샤 스미냑의 General Manager brendan_lm의 답변
2018년 10월 23일 답변 완료
Dear css0615, Thank you for staying with us and for your kind 5-star review. We are pleased you enjoyed your stay overall at U Paasha including our convenient location in Seminyak. Please note that regarding the chrome shower heads, all units are being replaced for all rooms by the end of November which will greatly improve the feel of the bathrooms. We are delighted to know that you plan to return. I would be happy to handle your future reservations. You are welcome to email me at gm@upaashaseminyak.com. We hope to see you back again soon. Sincerely, Brendan General Manager
방 넓고 예쁘고, 체크아웃 24시간 단위라 좋았어요. 특히 위치가 라파벨라랑 5분거리라 ㅎㅎ 근데문제는 베드버그. 첫날 도착해서 좀 쉬다 나왔는데 바로 물렸어요. 근데 방도 풀북이고 그러니 다음날 바꿔주겠다. (친절했고, 시트도 다 갈아주셨지만) 했지만 막상 방 바꾸기도 귀찮고 다른방도 비슷할것 같아서 (그땐 배드버그인지 몰랏네요. 그냥 개미인줄) 그냥 잤던게 너무 미련했던거같어요. 호텔서도 베드버그라 말하지않고 처음보는거라고 해서 걍 개미인가.. 했죠. 근데 모르는 사이 미친듯이 늘어나
우파샤 스미냑의 General Manager Brendan L의 답변
2018년 10월 21일 답변 완료
Dear KwanMi_Kim, Thank you for taking the time to review your recent stay at U Paasha Seminyak. Whilst I am pleased you enjoyed our central location in Seminyak and our 24-hour room guarantee was convenient for you, I am however, very disappointed to read that you felt let down by the experience overall. Immediately upon seeing your review, my team and I conducted an investigation including having an independent pest controller inspect both rooms you stayed in thoroughly. I was also present during the inspection to see for myself. There was zero evidence of any pests and definitely no beg bugs present in either room. This is a matter we take very seriously hence the action we have taken. I am sorry to hear you were affected by what sounds like an insect sting of some kind. There could be any number of causes for this, an example being sand flies which many people have adverse and long-lasting reactions to but it is very unlikely to have come from within U Paasha. You are welcome to email me at gm@upaashaseminyak.com should you wish to share any concerns relating to your stay. I would be more than happy to hear from you. Sincerely, Brendan General Manager
인디고 에서 지내다가 내일 일찍 체크아웃 예정이라 조금 저렴한곳을 찾은건데 1박 150,000원 으로 적지않은 금액인데 5층 루프탑 수영장 올라가는 계단에 붙어있는 방을준덕에 수영장 드나드는 사람들 오르락 내리락할때마다 한국아파트에서 겪지 않았던 층간소음을... 룸 바꾸고싶지만 푼짐 옮기는것도 일이라 하루 그냥 지내기로했다. 체크인할때 되도록 5층은 피하세요. 진짜 쿵쿵쿵 장난아닌데 알고있을법한 소음인데도 이방을 내준거면 일부러그랬거나 여기밖에 방이없겠죠? 다시 스미냑을 찾더라도 이호텔은 이용할
우파샤 스미냑의 General Manager UPaasha S의 답변
2018년 8월 30일 답변 완료
Greetings from sunny Seminyak. Thank you for coming to stay with us and I am very sorry to hear of your concerns regarding noise whilst staying on the 5th floor. Generally our guests feel the hotel is exceptionally quiet considering the location and I am very sorry to hear you did not have the same experience. Had we been made aware of your concerns during your visit we would have immediately moved you to a room in a different part of the hotel. I am completely confident this would have changed your experience and I would ask in future to please speak with the staff to allow us to rectify issues rather than only sharing your concerns with the Tripadvisor community. I hope you enjoy the remainder of your time in Bali and have a great day. Daniel General Manager
24시간 체크인-체크아웃 서비스 때문에 방콕에서도 종종 이용하는 호텔 체인. 스미냑 가장 붐비는 거리에 위치해 있어 마지막날 머물며 쇼핑과 레스토랑, 바 등을 경험하기에 최적인 곳. 방과 욕실 모두 넓은 편이나 샤워기는 교체가 필요해 보임..
우파샤 스미냑의 General Manager UPaasha S의 답변
2018년 5월 4일 답변 완료
Hello RyuLuna, Thank you for staying with us and great to hear you are familiar with U from our hotels in Thailand. I am grateful of your kind comments regarding our location and facilities and happily I can advise you we are planning a project to change our showers in the coming months. RyuLuna thank you again for your feedback and have a wonderful day. 
Daniel General Manager
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모든 사진여행자 사진객실 및 스위트수영장 및 해변식사
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The Suite at the U Paasha Seminyak
트립어드바이저에서만 제공되는 전문가 사진우파샤 스미냑
The Suite at the U Paasha Seminyak
트립어드바이저에서만 제공되는 전문가 사진우파샤 스미냑
The Penthouse at the U Paasha Seminyak
트립어드바이저에서만 제공되는 전문가 사진우파샤 스미냑
The Penthouse at the U Paasha Seminyak
트립어드바이저에서만 제공되는 전문가 사진우파샤 스미냑
The Penthouse at the U Paasha Seminyak
Hi joydanii, That is correct. With U hotels & resorts 24-hour guarantee, you can check-out as late as the time you checked in. So in the example you have stated if you checked-in at 10pm, on the day you depart you can check-out of your room as late as 10pm if required. I hope this helps!
Dear Value Guest, Greetings from U Paasha Seminyak. We do have airport shuttle service for Rp 225.000,- one way . You can add additional details of airport pick up time on your reservation and it will take 30 minutes to get here. Thank you and wish you have a pleasant day ahead. U Paasha Seminyak Bali - Indonesia
Dear 경은 이, Thanks for your message. Yes, your two daughters can still stay in one room. But we suggest to take additional extra bed for you 12years old kid. And the other one can sharing bed with you. For one extra bed will cost you IDR 350.000 or US$ 26.00 approx. Thank you and wish you have a pleasant day ahead. U Paasha Seminyak Bali - Indonesia
Is this on the beach?
Sorry! I originally answered with details of the wrong location! The UPaascha is not on the beach but it is only a short ride away and it's definitely worth going a bit further to the beach clubs which are great... At the same time, the UPaascha has a fantastic pool area on the top floor which is a bit like a private pool club and has views of the beach which are great at sunset with a cocktail! The hotel itself is on a small bustling road full of restaurants and decent shops; I enjoyed that better than having a beachside hotel. Bali is a fantastic destination - Have fun!
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Hi. Is there a gymnasium here?
Yes, there is a small gym!
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US$103 - US$172 (스탠다드룸 평균 요금 기준)
인도네시아발리Kuta District스미냑
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