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Sheraton Raleigh Hotel

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기계의 20 %를 가진 임시 숙소에있는 헬스
쉐라톤 롤리 호텔의 Manager Christine E의 답변
2018년 11월 5일 답변 완료
Greetings AVagabondMan, We appreciate the effective feedback and have shared the information with our teams. We are terribly sorry that we were unable to meet or exceed your expectations in our service and product, and only hope you will give us another chance. We also would like to announce our new Sheraton Fitness is being built as we speak, and we are looking forward to the new space in 2019. Thank you again for your time and we hope to see you on your next trip into downtown Raleigh.
좋은 위치, 좋은 주차.
객실을 업데이트해야합니다. . .
욕실 좋아.
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많은 식당 주변. 위치는 차가 있어야합니다.
쉐라톤 롤리 호텔의 Manager Christine E의 답변
2018년 11월 5일 답변 완료
Dear Discover04197944533, Thank you for your review- we hope that your next visit will exceed your expectations! Take care and we hope to welcome you back soon.
9 월 IBMA Week를위한 훌륭한 위치와 훌륭한 객실! 서비스와 방을 좋아했습니다! ! ! 메리어트 / 컨벤션 센터 바로 옆에있는 모든 거리의 무대에 가깝습니다. 조용하고 편안하고 빠른 엘리베이터. 우리는 우리의 체류를 사랑했습니다!
쉐라톤 롤리 호텔의 Manager Christine E의 답변
2018년 11월 5일 답변 완료
Dear jameslM1394MK, IBMA has become a huge part of the downtown Raleigh scene, and we are thrilled Sheraton Raleigh is helping you enjoy the festivities. We hope to see you for future IBMA citywide events and thank you so much for your review!
객실은 매우 좋았고 서비스는 훌륭했습니다. 롤리를 방문 할 때 다시 여기 머물러있을거야. 위치는 도시를 돌아 다니기에 완벽합니다. 호텔의 레스토랑은 멋지기도했다 - 우리는 2 x를 거기에서 먹었다.
쉐라톤 롤리 호텔의 Manager Christine E의 답변
2018년 11월 5일 답변 완료
Thank you Lisa H! We are so happy you had a great time- we can't wait to have you back. See you soon!
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모든 사진여행자 사진객실 및 스위트식사수영장 및 해변비지니스 센터 및 이벤트 룸가족 및 놀이 공간
운영자 제공 사진쉐라톤 롤리 호텔
Guest room
운영자 제공 사진쉐라톤 롤리 호텔
Guest room
운영자 제공 사진쉐라톤 롤리 호텔
Guest room
운영자 제공 사진쉐라톤 롤리 호텔
Guest room
운영자 제공 사진쉐라톤 롤리 호텔
Guest room
How is the club lounge at the property? There does not seem to be much information about it around
There is a nice bar adjoining Jimmy V's really good restaurant. There are lounging areas next to beautiful Fayetteville (Main) Street. You will like this hotel if you want comfort and convenience to anything downtown Raleigh.
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How does the parking work? Is there valet?
yes there is a valet but it is so easy to just park across the street in a covered garage by yourself.
모든 답변 보기
Have you fixed or upgraded the gym? Last time I was there the treadmills were all broken and the gym was stashed away next to the pool.
The pool is being eliminated and the gym is to be redone
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How close is this property to the Red Hat Amphitheater?
Maybe three blocks? Not far as you will likely pass the amphitheater on your way in to the hotel. It is very centrally located to everything in downtown Raleigh.
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Has anyone stayed there lately? I have reservations I made in August. I was told that the only rooms with 2 queen beds were at club level, for an extra cost. I booked that room in August. Called today to extend my stay and was told Queen beds did not exist in this hotel. I was transferred to corporate and after about an hour total on the phone between the hotel and corporate, I was told that all rooms have queen size beds since the renovation. Seems no one at the hotel is aware of this. Can anyone confirm if there are queen sized beds in the rooms??
Since the completion of our renovation in December 2016 all our Double rooms are equipped with two queen beds. We look forward to hosting you in August. Thanks
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US$140 - US$344 (스탠다드룸 평균 요금 기준)
다음의 이름으로도 알려져 있습니다
sheraton raleighraleigh sheraton
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