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BEST WESTERN PLUS Lincoln Sands Oceanfront Suites

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베스트 웨스턴 플러스 링컨 샌즈 스위트의 General Manager FrontDesk_GM의 답변
2017년 8월 7일 답변 완료
Thank you for your review! It sounds like you had a great stay in our spacious accommodations. With your complete kitchen, living room, plush bed, and a balcony with ocean views, it is easy to forget any reasons to leave! We hope you caught some wonderful sea breezes and made wonderful memories to take home. Our whole team is eagerly anticipating your next visit to the Best Western Plus Lincoln Sands Oceanfront Suites, and we look forward to the opportunity to show you an even better stay!
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베스트 웨스턴 플러스 링컨 샌즈 스위트의 General Manager FrontDesk_GM의 답변
2017년 8월 7일 답변 완료
Dear Paige, We are thrilled to hear that you had such a fantastic experience at The Best Western Plus! Our accommodations try to give guests the space and comfort of a home away from home, as you noticed with the kitchen and multiple bathrooms. Convenience and comfort are key for us! Thank you for taking the time to leave a positive review, and we look forward to having you back in the future at the Best Western Plus in Lincoln City.
특히 바다와 해변의 전망이 좋은 위층. 북쪽으로 하는 모두 볼 수 있습니다. 방은 편안하고 깨끗했고 합니다. 합리적인 가격의 여름 밤 동안 줍니다.
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베스트 웨스턴 플러스 링컨 샌즈 스위트의 General Manager FrontDesk_GM의 답변
2017년 8월 3일 답변 완료
Dear Beverly, We're delighted to receive your thoughtful compliments about Best Western Plus Lincoln Sands Oceanfront Suites! It's wonderful to know you enjoyed our scenic ocean views and clean, comfortable accommodations. We're glad our reasonable Summer week night rates fit your budget as well. Many thanks for your kind praise. We look forward to seeing you again.
좋은 방, 매우 깨끗했고, 직원들은 매우 좋은 호텔 입니다. 쉽게 액세스할 수 있는 오션 은, 빠른 인터넷. 때문에 일반적인 호텔 예약이 꽉 차는 호텔에 숙박하지 않은 호텔 입니다. 다음에 다시 가고 싶습니다.
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베스트 웨스턴 플러스 링컨 샌즈 스위트의 General Manager FrontDesk_GM의 답변
2017년 8월 7일 답변 완료
Dear Jennifer, It is such a pleasure to read your review! We're thrilled that you loved everything about your stay from our well-appointed rooms to our amenities and our location on the beach. Our staff appreciates your encouraging and enthusiastic review, and we're humbled that we impressed you on your first stay. We look forward to hosting you again on your next trip to Lincoln City!
이 두 개의 욕실이 있는 1 베드룸 스위트 머피 침대는 거실에서 (사용 안 함, 두 커플 또는 가족 사용할 수도 있습니다. 1층에 있는 해변이 내려다 보이는 테라스 있는 방. 쾌적한 숙박에 필요한 경우.
베스트 웨스턴 플러스 링컨 샌즈 스위트의 General Manager FrontDesk_GM의 답변
2017년 7월 31일 답변 완료
Dear Michael, It is a pleasure to hear that your stay with us was delightful! We're thrilled that you enjoyed your spacious and well-equipped ocean-view suite. With all the hotels to choose from in Lincoln City, we're glad you gave us the privilege of hosting you. Thank you for your encouraging comments, and we hope you think of us the next time you come to town!
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Pond located at the barbeque patio
운영자 제공 사진베스트 웨스턴 플러스 링컨 샌즈 스위트
Best Western Plus® Lincoln Sands Oc
View from 3rd floor suite
Comfy bed
View from our room
Is smoking allowed on the private decks?
I'm not positive on that. I never noticed anyone smoking except on the beach. Give them a call. The staff were pretty nice the past several years. Enjoy your stay the view of the sunsets & beach are awesome there.
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Do you have shuttle from the airport or to the casino?
This is a great place to stay, but they do not have a shuttle service with the hotel. Having said that, you can get anywhere in Lincoln City within 10 minutes if you have a car. The city is just not that big. I would not consider staying in Lincoln City if I did not have transportation easily available to me. None of the hotels there provide any type of transportation, as far as I know.
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Pet friendly?
Sorry, dont recall.
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How late can we check in? My mother is flying into PDX @ 9pm on Wednesday & we plan on driving straight over from there.
As long as the room is secured with a credit card you can check in anytime. Call the front desk and let them know your plan.
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Do all your rooms have a separate bedroom?
US$119 - US$261 (스탠다드룸 평균 요금 기준)
다음의 이름으로도 알려져 있습니다
best western plus lincoln sands hotel lincoln citybest western lincoln citylincoln city best western
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