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하워드 존슨 인 - 렉싱턴 버지니아
Howard Johnson by Wyndham Lexington

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Double bed room
Mess of ashes in the door of the fridge
Our brand spankin' new room
View to outdoor moutains from parking lot.
As I said before it appeared to me that they were in the middle of renovations. I would hope by now that a lot of the issues would be resolved. I think I would still call ahead and talk to the manager about your concerns, I would also get the persons name that you speak with in case you do have issues. I think you will find your overall stay a quite and peaceful night. Just a side note Wal-mart and many restaurants are close by. I hope this helps have a fun and safe trip.
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Thank you so much for your message. We did have a problem with stink bugs. In fact the whole county did. Some people in town could not even see through their window because of the screen being covered by stink bugs :-9 we had the hotel treated three times trying to fight the issues. People who know about stink bugs were quite understanding. However those who were not familiar with them were not which I completely understand. Some people were not happy with us simply because we had posted information (about our situation) at the front desk. we advised everybody to inspect their rooms first before checking in. We have nothing to hide. We want people to be happy staying with us. BEING HONEST IS CRUCIAL. We would never (and have never done it) charge a customer who checks out within a short period of time after checking in. we are very fair and honest. However, it is so true that our hotel is in great needs of renovation, . This is why as the manager, I am excited to witness the work has started. The owners are planning to have a lot done. Next in the schedule is to replace all the carpets with tile floor. They have installed 14 solar panels which now provide the hot water to the entire hotel. Like I said, I find most of the comments on here to be correct even though some tend to be extremely unfair false and hurtful. Again, thank you so much for your question. I hope I gave you an appropriate answer. Have a great and safe day :-) Joel GM
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US$64 - US$143 (스탠다드룸 평균 요금 기준)
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howard johnson hotel lexingtonhoward johnson lexingtonlexington howard johnson
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