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Best Western - On The Avenue

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95걷기를 좋아하는 사람에게 아주 좋음
등급: 95/100
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베스트 웨스턴 온 더 애비뉴의 General Manager bestwest510의 답변
2주 전에 답변함
Thank you for your compliments, I believe you were trying to give us a better score than a one. We truly appreciate your business. See you on your next trip to Buffalo. Troy GM
레스토랑에 가까운 아주 좋은 도심지 호텔 바 명소 직원들은 매우 친절하고 친절한 특히 친절했다 새벽 하우스 키핑 매니저와 다니엘 프론트 데스크 점원 나는 확실히 되돌아 올 것이다.
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베스트 웨스턴 온 더 애비뉴의 General Manager bestwest510의 답변
2018년 11월 23일 답변 완료
Thank you so much for your compliments. I will be sure to thank Dawn and Danielle for leaving such a positive impact with you. Also, I am not sure if you can change the score you left our hotel. The ratings for Expedia are 1-5. 5 being 'excellent'...1 being 'horrible' You gave us a 1. After reading what you said, I believe that was a mistake. Thank you again for your business. We will see you on your next trip to Buffalo. Troy GM
아주 잘 지내. 훌륭한 위치 - 수많은 레스토랑과 바. 방은 잘 임명되어 깨끗합니다. 책상 직원은 친절했고 아침 식사는 전형적인 대륙 운임보다 낫습니다. 돌아올거야.
베스트 웨스턴 온 더 애비뉴의 General Manager bestwest510의 답변
2018년 11월 19일 답변 완료
Thank you very much for your complements, We truly appreciate your business and look forward to your return. If there is anything I can do to make your next stay even more outstanding, please don't hesitate to ask. Troy GM
이 곳은 매우 깨끗했습니다. 오하이오 우리 오토바이 필요 타고, 주차장 매우 안전하고 잘 조명 느꼈습니다. 트로이와 그의 직원들이 훌륭한 호스트 및 그 지역에 대해 아는 것이 많았습니다. 나이아가라 폭포는 30분 거리에 있으며, Buffalo 근처에 걸어서 곳이 많습니다.
호텔 체크인 시간은 2:00 p.m 말합니다. 우리는 거의 4나왔습니다:30, 우리 방은 준비되지 않았다. 우리는 방법을 또 15분을 기다려야 했습니다. 우리의 불편을 할인 모든 유형의 제공합니다. 방은 실제로 좋았습니다. 깨끗하고 분명 개조 되었습니다. 모든 전혀 문제가 없습니다. 인터넷과 TV는 잘 했다. 조식은 또 다른 층: 음식의 질이 매우 친절하고 흥미진진한 않았습니다. 단 8:30 a.m. 그러나 바나나 하나밖에 있었다, 그래서 아무도 데리고 잘 익은. 방에 덜 비싼 경우 좋은
베스트 웨스턴 온 더 애비뉴의 General Manager bestwest510의 답변
2018년 7월 10일 답변 완료
I am truly sorry that your check in process wasn't smooth and efficient. The quality of our breakfast items is set to a high standard. All items should have been fresh and appealing to the eye. I would like the opportunity to speak with you directly. At your convenience please contact the hotel and ask for me. My sincere apologies. Troy Tripi General Manager 716-886-8333
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dirty shower tiles
holes in blanket
dirt & marks on wall
What is the best way to get to Niagara Center for a concert?
How far is this hotel from the falls an the shopping mall?
An hour is a good estimate, maybe give more time for the tollbooth (it can be very busy at times).
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What is your pet policy?
TRAVELING WITH PETS AT BEST WESTERN Best Western recognizes the ever growing needs for pet friendly accommodations. We strive to offer our guests and their furry friends a comfortable stay and have done our best to ensure consistency at all of our pet friendly properties. Best Western pet friendly properties will allow up to two domestic dogs in a rented room, with a maximum size of 80 lbs per animal. Other pet types such as cats, birds, monkeys, snakes, or other animals are allowed at the discretion of each property and require prior approval from the property. There may be a maximum $20 per day charge for each room with a pet or multiple pets or a maximum per week charge of $100. A refundable damage deposit of up to $50 per stay may be required of all guests with a pet. When making your reservation at a pet friendly hotel, it is recommended that you call the hotel directly if you have specific pet related questions and to guarantee availability of a pet friendly room. Planning a vacation with your pet? Use the FIND A HOTEL search on the left to locate one of our pet friendly hotels and make a reservation. Please Note - Policy is applicable to North America properties only (including US, Canada, Caribbean, Excludes: Mexico)
How far are you from coca cola stadium??
Hello! we are a little under 2 miles from Coca Cola field
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How old do you have to be to book a room?
18 is generally the legal age to book a hotel room. To make sure I would just call the hotel directly.
US$103 - US$180 (스탠다드룸 평균 요금 기준)
다음의 이름으로도 알려져 있습니다
best western inn - on the avenue hotel buffalobest western hotel buffalobest western buffalobuffalo best western
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