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The Palace Grill

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으뜸 시설2015 - 2018 수상

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US$20 - US$35
미국 요리, 시푸드, 케이준 & 크레올
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Creole Caesar Salad
a southern version of the classic caesar salad prepared with a hint of creole mustard
Bayou Greens Salad
a mixture of fresh seasonal gourmet greens with red bell peppers, roma tomatoes, and fire-roasted pecans. served with a creole vinaigrette
Cajun Crawfish Popcorn
with creamy sherry wine sauce louisiana crawfish are brought to the palace direct from the warm waters of the southern louisiana bayous. we dip the tender tails in our cornmeal buttermilk batter, and flash-fry them to a light crispness
Gumbo Ya Ya
made the old-fashioned way, this traditional louisiana soup is made with a rich dark roux and slow simmered for hours. with fresh okra, tender diced chicken breast, smoked house recipe andouille sausage topped off, southern-style, with a plentiful helping of ric
Oysters Palace
this oyster dish, made famous by the palace grill, is unlike any youve ever had. six fresh oysters are baked in the half shell with a mixture of louisiana crawfish tails, mushrooms, and green onions. topped with our jalapeno beurre-blanc sauce
Seafood Gumbo
slow simmered for hours, this popular palace creation is made with a rich blond roux, and homemade shrimp stock. with fresh okra, louisiana crawfish tails, and diced fresh ahi tuna, catfish and shrimp. plentifully garnished with rice
Original Oysters Rockefeller
it has been said that this classic new orleans dish has a richness rivaling that of john d. rockefeller. we use a turn-of-the-century recipe: six fresh oysters baked with a blend of creamy spinach and pernod. topped with our cajun hollandaise
Creole Crawfish Crabcake
creole crawfish crabcake the palace puts a new spin on an old favorite! tender spicy louisiana crawfish tails add a delicious twist to a traditional southern specialty. served with our jalapeno beurre-blanc sauce
Caribbean Coconut Shrimp
jumbo prawns are dipped in a homemade beer batter, then rolled in fresh coconut and flashfried. served with a marmalade horseradish dipping sauce
Plantation Fried Chicken Salad
tender diced chicken breast is passed through our buttermilk popcorn batter, flash-fried, drizzled with garlic butter, and striped with our buttermilk dressing
Chicken Tchoupitoulas
(pronounced tchoupitoulas) tender breast of chicken, sauteed with fresh garlic and white wine, topped with our uniquely wonderful creole tarragon choron sauce
New Orleans Pan Bar-b-que Shrimp
tender prawns sauteed in the shell, with our three pepper butter sauce, rosemary, dixie beer, and worcestershire sauce. guar-an-teed to make your taste buds rain!
Crawfish Etouffee
tender louisiana crawfish tails prepared in the classic etouffee style that is, smothered with bell peppers and onions in a traditional shrimp stock with dark roux, plentifully garnished with green onions. tres bien stuff
Louisiana Soft Shell Crabs
hand-picked soft shelled crabs, stuffed with bienville crabmeat dressing, then lightly dusted with cornmeal flour, and flash-fried. served with our jalapeno beurre-blanc sauce
Jambalaya Sauce Piquante
a delicious confusion of our chefs favorite spices, fresh shrimp, our own smoked house recipe andouille sausage and tender chicken in a zesty tomato creole sauce. served around a bed of dirty rice"
Creole Crawfish Crabcakes
a house specialty. delicate crabcakes with tender louisiana crawfish tails. a wonderful blend of different tastes and textures. topped with our jalapeno beurre-blanc sauce
Divers Scallops
huge hand-collected scallops served over our special rice pilaf. we blend artichoke hearts, carmelized onions, and mushrooms to form just the right background, then top with our jalapeno buerre blanc sauce. as with many of our dishes, also available as an appetizer portion, and/or with sauce on the side.
Paneed Veal Acadiana
tender veal medallions lightly floured and flambeed in our oyster sherry cream sauce. topped with tender crawfish tails and served on a bed of fettuccine, alfredo style
Pecan Chicken Picatta
fresh breast of chicken sauteed with our own creole lemon butter caper sauce and chopped pecans
Pan SautEed Chicken Marsala With Mushrooms
pan sauteed chicken marsala with mushrooms the fragrant aromas of fine marsala and subtle palace seasoning, in a sauce rich with tender mushrooms, over sauteed chicken breast. served with creole seasoned rice or fettucine. irresistible!
Our Dinner Pastas Are Available In Large half Orders And Huge full Orders
Crawfish Pasta Lafitte
penne pasta, with fresh sauteed louisiana crawfish tails, caramelized onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, a touch of cream, and creole seasonings.
Jambalaya Pasta
our most popular pasta: penne with fresh shrimp, tender chicken, and smoked house recipe louisiana andouille sausage in a deliciously seasoned tomato creole sauce that will have your taste buds calling for more.
Capellini Capri With Shrimp
delicate angel hair capellini pasta, tossed with fresh shrimp, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, a hint of garlic and extra virgin olive oil.
Fusilli Grilled Chicken
slices of tender chicken with roasted fresh red peppers and roasted eggplant. tossed with fusilli corkscrew pasta in a delicately delicious tomato cream sauce.
Penne Pasta Pontalba
penne pasta, with bronzed diced chicken breast, onions, and red bell peppers in a delicious creole-seasoned sauce with a touch of cream.
Capellini La Louisianne
delicate angel hair capellini pasta, sauteed with louisiana crawfish tails, fresh roma tomatoes, in extra virgin olive oil. seasoned with basil and a hint of garlic.
Fusilli With Roasted Sweet Italian Sausage
fusilli pasta, roasted sweet italian sausage and roasted red pepper, in a tomato-rosemary cream sauce accented with fine parmigiano- reggiano cheese.
Palace Pasta Royale
penne pasta, tender strips of bronzed filet of beef and caramelized onions in a mushroom worcestershire sauce with a touch of cream.
Mardi Gras Vegetarian Pasta Primavera
fettuccine pasta, and a colorful confusion of fresh vegetables, creole herbs and spices in a light sauce with a touch of cream.
Fusilli Al Fumo
fusilli pasta, tossed with smoked mozzarella, roasted red peppers and fresh roasted eggplant, in a sweet basil and tomato cream sauce.
Louisiana Bread Pudding SoufflE
our unique blend of souffle and bread pudding laced with grand marnier and raisins, served piping hot with a delectable whiskey cream sauce absolute decadence opportunity! add a scoop of french vanilla ice cream to either of our souffles
Dark Chocolate SoufflE
with chocolate bourbon cream sauce
Sweet Potato Pecan Pie
an old southern favorite. a layer of sweet potato pie topped with caramelized pecans, served on a bed of chantilly cream
Chilled Florida Key Lime Pie
refreshingly tart yet sweet. an original key west classic, our key lime pie is served in a graham cracker crust, and topped with chantilly cream
Bananas Foster
bananas flambeed in dark rum, brown sugar, a touch of butter and finished with french vanilla ice cream
The Palace Swan
an eclair pastry baked in the shape of a swan, filled with french vanilla ice cream, swimming in a lake of warm chocolate
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재미있고 친절한, 이 곳은 아니라 전통적인 뉴올리언스 요리를 제공하는 다양한 주방장이 음식 자신의 걸릴 나타내는 조작된 처리합니다. 한 그의 빵과 푸딩 수플레. 각 테이블 제공되는 풍미의 머핀 모든 식사를 끝낼 수, 때 반성보다는 것입니다 원하는 여전히 디저트를 먹을 수 모든 주문할 수 없습니다. 우리는 apps,...여러 가지 하는 블래스트. 8시 좀 놀랄 기막힌 망치고 싶지 않습니다. 그러나 이 동네의 보물 만들어 추가합니다. Seek!더 보기

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아내는 케이준 음식을 해서 e 궁전의 그릴 가기로 즐긴다. Cota 상태 거리 바로 한 블록 Joe의 30이탈리안 레스토랑. 훌륭한 서비스와 음식은 정말 멋지고, 분위기는 집과 같았습니다. 나는 달콤한 이탈리아 소시지 파스타를, 아내는 가재 Etouffee가. 모두 훌륭했다. 이곳을 내가 다른 식사를 6시쯤 직원들은 모든 테이블이 1페이지...안내물 왼쪽으로 열지 말했습니다. 지금까지 경험한 생각하지 한가지. 그들은 열 말했을 때, "멋진 세계에 가사에 포함된. "그들은 그 노래를 내 루이 암스트롱, 노래를 모두가 물었습니다. 레스토랑은 모든 노래를 기쁨을 함께 느낌을 불렀습니다. 그냥 깔끔한 전통을.더 보기

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이 곳을 매우 추천합니다. 실망하지 않았어요. 우리는 대화를 통해 우리를 맞아주었다. 서버 매우 친절하고 전체적으로 옵션 설명했다. 이 곳은 멋진 뉴올리언스 분위기 좋은 케이준/크레올의 레스토랑. 나는 루이지애나 연어의, 아내는 바베큐 새우 주문했습니다. 모두 자주 여인들 가족들이 추천을 해 주었습니다. 주인은 연어의 신선한 매일 운항되며, 이...해명했다! 바베큐 새우 역시 좋았습니다. 또한 머핀 흥미로운 구색 제공됩니다, 재미 애썼습니다. 디저트로 우리는 다크 초콜릿을, 놀라운. 콘브레드를 수플레를 주문했습니다. 노래하는 저녁 식사 전체적으로 가끔 참가하는 것은 재미있는 즐기는 것 같다 따라. 이 곳의 모든 것들이 굉장히 즐거웠습니다.더 보기

방문 날짜: 2018년 3월
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매니저, 뉴올리언스의. 비록 그 자메이카 실제로. 그러나 대부분의 서버 요리사들이 모든 2수십년간 궁전 Grill에서 일했습니다. 이 서비스는 세심하게 관점에서 모범적인 5구체화 - Star 식사. 음식은 확실히 맛있고 양도 적절했고, 가격은 산타바바라 같은 커뮤니티, 아마 바로 선 것 높은. 나는 맛을 긴 관점에서, 친절한 직원 추천.

방문 날짜: 2018년 1월
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