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Rudy's Redeye Grill

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평가 및 리뷰

으뜸 시설2016, 2018 수상

상세 정보

US$9 - US$25
미국 요리, 펍
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무글루텐 옵션
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House Chips and Dip Trio*
our house made tortilla chips served with guacamole, queso and Pico de Gallo
Hand Breaded Onion Rings
thick cut with seasoned sour cream
Ellsworth Creamery Cheese Curds
crispy beer battered curds served with horseradish ketchup
Loaded Tots
hash browns, cheddar, bacon and chives served with seasoned sour cream
Coconut Shrimp**
sweet and savory orange marmalade sauce
Rudy's Original Bull Bites* **
blackened beef tips with onion strings served with house made creamy horseradish sauce and béarnaise sauce
Nachos con Pollo*
corn tortilla chips, chicken tinga, lettuce, house queso, Pico de Gallo, sour cream and salsa verde
Chicken Wings*
bone-in or boneless; choose from: buffalo, teriyaki, BBQ, eagle style, Cajun dry rub, garlic parmesan or Thai peanut
Stuffed Mushroom Caps*
Reggiano cheese and Italian sausage drizzled with house made alfredo sauce
Walleye Fingers
crispy and lightly breaded with house made tartar
$22; Pair a full order of our signature Bull Bites with choice of one half order of:
Coconut Shrimp
Chicken Wings
Cheese Curds
Loaded Tots
Onion Rings
add to a salad: chicken $6; shrimp $7; Bull Bites $8
House Salad*
mixed greens and garden veggies with homemade dressing choice
Classic Caesar Salad*
house croutons and shredded parmesan; served with parmesan crisp
Chophouse Salad*
mixed greens, grilled chicken, tomato, bacon, cheddar and bleu cheese, egg, house croutons, and red onion tossed in ranch dressing with sliced avocado
Salmon Bistro*
mixed greens tossed in white maple dressing, topped with candied walnuts, dried cherries, feta cheese, sliced pears, topped with grilled salmon and a sweet potato haystack
Cup $5.0
Bowl $7.0
Classic French Onion Gratin*
Cup $3.0
Bowl $5.0
Old Fashioned Chicken Noodle
Cup $3.0
Bowl $5.0
Soup of the Day
Served with our signature green beans and choice of loaded baked potato, au gratin, mashed potatoes, fries, onion rings, homemade mac & cheese or loaded tots. Add cup of soup or dinner salad (House or Caesar) for $3. Dinner Enhancements: Rudy's Signature Walleye for $10, Coconut or Beer Battered Shrimp for $10; Melted Artisan Bleu Cheese or Steakhouse Mushrooms & Onions for $3. All our steaks are aged and individually hand cut in-house
Queen Cut (12oz) $32.0
King Cut (16oz) $38.0
Redeye Prime Rib* **
Available Thurs - Sat. Rudy's Secret Rub, slow roasted on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays; available until the last slice is served; limited quantity
Filet Mignon*
8 oz. filet; the most tender cut
Redeye Top Sirloin*
8 oz. of certified Black Angus
Ribeye Steak*
16 oz. of pure heaven
Half Rack $20.0
Full Rack $30.0
St. Louis Style BBQ Pork Ribs*
Blackened Pork Chop*
14 oz. pork porterhouse with béarnaise
Bleu Cheese Meatloaf**
served with mashed potatoes and gravy (no side)
Half Chicken*
Herb roasted or crispy beer batter fried. Served with mashed potatoes and gravy (no side)
Caprese Chicken*
made with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and sweet basil; served with basil pesto mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus
Chicken Pot Pie
homestyle vegetables and roasted chicken, baked in a savory sauce under a golden pastry crust; served with house or caesar salad; no side
Handmade crust; gluten free crust option available. Add cup of soup or dinner salad (House or Caesar) for $3
Three Sausage*
chorizo, Italian and andouille sausages
Chicken Bacon Ranch*
red onion, tomato and cheddar
Bella Roma*
spinach, artichokes and roma tomatoes
Sandwiches served with fries, onion rings, loaded tots, coleslaw or fruit. Add cup of soup or dinner salad (House or Caesar) for $3
Buffalo Chicken Wrap
tender crispy chicken tossed in classic buffalo sauce, lettuce, celery, tomato and ranch dressing
Walleye Sandwich*
6 oz beer battered wild caught Canadian walleye, lettuce, American cheese and house made tartar on a toasted hoagie
French Dip*
shaved prime rib on toasted hoagie served with au jus
shaved corned beef, 1000 island, swiss, kraut and creamy horseradish on grilled marbled rye
Juicy Lucy*
our half pound burger stuffed with American cheese
Turkey Burger*
goat cheese with Arcadian greens, sundried tomatoes, and fig caramelized onions
Build-A-Burger or Bird
We use natural, never frozen grass-fed Piedmontese beef for an exceptional half pound burger experience or non GMO 6 oz. chicken breast. Included: lettuce, tomato and dill pickles and choice of three (3) toppings. Additional toppings: cheddar, swiss, pepper jack, american, provolone, marinara, guacamole, bacon, grilled onions, fried egg, avocado, jalapeños, sautéed mushrooms, fried onion straws, salsa verde
served with flour tortillas and cilantro lime rice (no side choice); corn tortillas can be substituted by request
Walleye Tacos**
crispy, lightly breaded walleye topped with our house made slaw, four cheese blend and a sweet chili drizzle
Chicken Tinga Tacos*
chipotle pulled chicken, lettuce, house queso, Pico de Gallo, sliced avocado and queso fresco
Baja Shrimp Tacos*
beer battered shrimp, crunchy slaw, baja sauce, avocado and queso fresco
add cup of soup or dinner salad (House or Caesar) for $3
Chicken Parmesan
juicy chicken breast, fried golden brown, smothered in our house marinara, topped with a four cheese blend; garnished with shredded parmesan and microbasil and served with spaghetti marinara and garlic toast
Chicken Carbonara Tortellini
four cheese filled tortellini tossed with chicken, crispy prosciutto, sweet peas and mushrooms tossed in our house parmesan cream sauce topped with diced tomatoes and shredded parmesan
Fettuccine Alfredo*
Spicy Chicken Pasta*
Andouille sausage, chicken, broccoli, red onion and fettuccine
Carrot Cake
spiced cake with raisins and pecans layered with cream cheese frosting
18 Layer Chocolate Cake
18 cake layers with hazelnut chocolate mousse topped with chocolate ganache
smooth and rich, New York style, available with turtle, chocolate, caramel or raspberry
Dreamin' of Chocolate*
delicious and moist chocolate cake with layers of the finest European-inspired white chocolate mousse, topped with decadent chocolate ganache
Crème Brulee*
a family recipe not to pass up, topped with a crust of caramelized sugar
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