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The power of Tripadvisor’s Media Solutions

Full-funnel solutions to fit your brand objectives

Connect with our

An advertising campaign means nothing if no one sees it. 

Luckily, as the world’s largest travel platform, Tripadvisor has hundreds of millions of users who come to our site every day in search of guidance and inspiration. And we know our audience well — from what they’re looking for, to how they’re searching. 

You’ll also benefit from our extensive data and insights, which allow you to target your specific customers on and off-platform through our proprietary tool, Navigator. 

Tell your story through

At Tripadvisor, we know the power of a great story. That’s why we created Wanderlab: a Tripadvisor award-winning in-house studio that translates global insights into memorable brand stories.

Wanderlab will work with you to create compelling stories in the form of editorial, video, voice, experiential, social and more. 

Drive to your content
through media

Whether we’re creating content together or promoting your existing content, Tripadvisor listing, or website, we know how to drive traffic and engagement. 

Tripadvisor has extensive experience creating innovative, high-impact native and video media units that are designed to meet a variety of KPIs. 

Just tell us about your audience and your objectives, and we’ll work with you to create a customized media and advertising plan tailored to your needs. 

Extend your reach
through amplification

Did you know that we are not only limited to talking to people on our platform?

We can use our 1st party data to reach them on social platforms, email and other sites across the web. You can reach your relevant Tripadvisor audience who might not have seen it on the Tripadvisor platform, or re-target your audience elsewhere to amplify your campaign message. 

Yes, you could buy direct — but no one else can reach our specific audience that you’ve just cultivated. 

Ensure success through measurement 

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth measuring. Tripadvisor’s suite of measurement products goes well beyond standard reporting, setting you up for success.

We provide in-depth campaign reporting, custom research studies, and access to proprietary insight tools to ensure you are learning and optimizing. 

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